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Disney Scavenger Hunt At Home For Family Game Night On Zoom

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One fun way to connect with family and friends is to have a Disney scaveneger hunt at home via Zoom or Skype. Here is a free, printable Disney scavenger hunt PDF you can use for your next family Zoom game night! Don’t forget the Disney snacks from your most magical kitchen on earth.

disney scavenger hunt from home family zoom game night

Disney Family Game Night

Now that we’ve been at home for what feels like forever (I sang that a little), Anna, I owe you an apology!

We’re talking to the pictures on the wall here too!

It’s becoming more of a challenge to find fun ways to connect with those we love outside of the house. Thank goodness for technology, amirite?!

We’ve taken runDisney virtual field trips this week for PE and walked down Main Street USA on our virtual vacation to the Magic Kingdom.

Up next? 

A Disney family game night via Zoom or Skype to celebrate a little Disney at home.

How do you do a Disney family game night on Zoom? It’s easier than you think!

disneyland zoom background for disney scavenger hunt on zoom

Download a Disneyland Zoom Background!

Disney Scavenger Hunt At Home For Family Game Night On Zoom

First, set up your Zoom meeting.

Your kids can help you since most of them are doing school via screens these days!

Invite your family and friends to join you at the meeting.

Don’t forget to add an awesome Zoom background!

You might need a green screen to put behind you, depending on your webcam and computer. Green posterboard works or you can get a green background from Amazon through this affiliate link

spiderman zoom background

Spider-Man Zoom Background

Once the meeting kicks off, you get to play host- or as I like to call it, Game Master. 

Hey, if you can give yourself a cool title, I’m all about those delusions of grandeur. 

You’ll set a timer on your phone or use an egg timer to countdown for two minutes with each clue. 

The rules to the Disney Scavenger Hunt are simple: the game master shares the clue and everyone runs off to find the Disney related item. As long as you bring it back to the meeting and it is approved by the game master, the guest wins a point. 

Most points win!

This list has some typical items, but it also has a few from way back when- so bring your A-game and hope you kept some of those cherished physical items from your earliest trips! 

Download the Free Printable Disney Scavenger Hunt PDF

Click this link or the image below to download the Disney scavenger hunt PDF for your Zoom family game night!

disney scavenger hunt from home zoom family game night

Click to download the free printable Disney scavenger hunt PDF for your next family Zoom game night!


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