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How To Watch The Avatar Movies In Order

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Avatar 2 is out in theaters this week. How many more Avatar movies are coming? And how do you watch the Avatar movies in order? Here’s the rundown of the future of the franchise by director James Cameron. ps- check out this parents guide to decide if Avatar 2 is too scary for kids.

Avatar 2 Reviews and reactions are here.

About Avatar: The Way of Water

Set more than a decade after the events of the first film, “Avatar: The Way of Water” begins to tell the story of the Sully family (Jake, Neytiri, and their kids), the trouble that follows them, the lengths they go to keep each other safe, the battles they fight to stay alive, and the tragedies they endure. 

Watch the Avatar: Way of Water trailer here.

When Can You Pee During Avatar: The Way of Water?

Check out the great quotes from Avatar 2.

avatar way of water reviews and reactions

Early Reviews Of Avatar: The Way Of Water Are In…

Here are a few we found on Twitter.

This is one polarizing movie, so keep that in mind when you go to see it.

To be clear: we think this movie is going to make a floating mountain of big bucks. And likely win some awards.

While there are some people who are 100% on board with this franchise, there are also many out there who weep at the idea of more movies coming.

how to watch the Avatar movies in order

How Many Avatar Movies Are Planned? Avatar Movies In Order

There are 3 more planned for a total of 5 Avatar movies.

This could change if there is a box office bomb of some sort, but for now, this is what’s on the schedule.

how to watch the avatar movies in order

How To Watch The Avatar Movies In Order?

We’ll update this list as the additional titles are announced.

It’s a safe bet that all will be released in theaters and then transition to streaming exclusively on Disney+ when the time comes.

Here’s how to watch the Avatar movies in release order:

  • Avatar (2009)
  • Avatar: The Way of Water (December 16, 2022)
  • Avatar: The Seed Bearer (December 20, 2024)
  • Avatar 4 (December 18, 2026)
  • Avatar 5 (December 22, 2028)
how many avatar movies are coming? how to watch the avatar movies in order

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