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TMI With Tron: Lightcycle Run Review

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The first rides are in: How does TRON Lightcycle Run stack up against Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind? We’ve got a TRON Review from Cast Member previews. We had TRON questions and now we’ve got answers!

4 women standing in front of the TRON Lightcycle Run coaster at Walt Disney World. TRON review.

Who’s ready to enter the grid? 

If you don’t even know what that means- well, neither does Jane. But she rode Tron Lightcycle Run as part of a Cast Member preview and is telling us all about it. 

How does a plus-sized person fit on TRON? 

How do the lockers work?

Does TRON hurt the boobs? (it might!)

We’ve got a little TMI with TRON going on as she answers all of Patty’s questions about this incredible new addition to the Magic Kingdom. 

tron lightcycle run ride vehicle. Looks like a motorcycle. TRON Review
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