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2020 runDisney Wine and Dine Race Dates Announced

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runDisney’s Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend is a favorite race for runners. Ready to run in 2020? Good news- the 2020 runDisney Wine and Dine race weekend dates have been announced. Even better? You can lock in your bib and travel package NOW. Here’s what you need to know to run the Wine & Dine Half Marathon in 2020. 

wine and dine half marathon 2020 dates

2020 runDisney Wine and Dine Race Dates Announced

While I’m at home watching all my runner friends get ready for the 2019 runDisney Wine and Dine, I’m making plans for the 2020 race weekend at Walt Disney World. 

Because FOMO? Yeah, it’s real. 

And even if Wine and Dine isn’t my favorite race weekend, all the runners ARE my favorites! So I gotta get there next year. 

When is the 2020 Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend?

Dates have just been announced and Wine and Dine 2020 will be held November 5-8, 2020 at Walt Disney World Resort. 

How Can I Run the Wine and Dine Half Marathon? 

The easiest way to run this race- which sells out EVERY year- is to book NOW. 

That’s right; runDisney is allowing travel agents like myself to get runners locked in on the 2020 Wine and Dine weekend with bib packages now. 

Want to join me? Get your quote for the next race HERE

vanellope running costume wine dine half weekend

How Much Will runDisney Wine and Dine Cost in 2020?

You can choose a race from the 5K on up to the half marathon distance.

And if you’re feeling extra froggy, go ahead and grab a Two-Course Challenge Bib and run both the 10K and the Half Marathon back to back!

2020 Bib Prices for Wine & Dine Half Weekend

  • 5K $89.00
  • 10K $129.00
  • Half $208.00
  • Challenge $352.00
  • Kids Mile $30
  • Kids Dash $20

Ready to runDisney? Contact No-Guilt Travel For Your Race Packages

If you listened to the runDisney 101 podcast, you know I love talking and sharing the runDisney experience. 

So much so that I am the owner of No-Guilt Travel, a travel agency that specializes in runDisney and Disney Vacations. 

If you’d like to run a race this year, any race- not just Wine and Dine!- please fill out this form to request a quote

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