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shopDisney Offers Disney Face Masks

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shopDisney offering Disney face masks online today with the proceeds going to charity. Here’s what we know about the shopDisney Face Masks. 

disney face masks shop disney

shopDisney Offers Disney Face Masks

We’re all doing a bit of online shopping right now and one of my favorite places to window shop is shopDisney.

And this morning Disney face masks were on the front page. 

They are priced at $19.99 and are available for pre-order at this time. 

Official Disney Masks on Shop Disney

photo: Disney Parks Blog

From shopDisney:

Disney is committed to serving the communities where we live and work. During these challenging times, Disney is using the power of our timeless stories and beloved characters to address our guests’ needs for family-friendly reusable cloth face masks. 

Disney is donating one million cloth face masks for children and families in underserved and vulnerable communities across the U.S. that will be distributed by MedShare ( Disney will also donate all profits from the sales in the U.S. of Disney’s cloth face masks to Medshare, up to $1 million, now through September 30, 2020.

  • Set includes four Small-size face masks* (there are other sizes as well)
  • Four different designs. Designs include allover Mickey figure, allover Minnie figure, Minnie face with polka dots, and allover Mickey icons
  • Please refer to the face mask dimensions for specific sizing measurements
  • Not for Surgical or Industrial Use
  • Not a Toy. Use under adult supervision. Not intended for children under 4 years of age
  • Disney’s cloth face masks align with the FDA’s recommendations on non-surgical, non-industrial grade face masks.**

You can buy them here

official disney face masks from shopdisney

Are Face Masks Required at Disney World or Disneyland?

Face masks have not been announced as required by guests at this time, but the essential workers on site are wearing them. 

Should the re-opening of the parks happen soon, there could be a suggestion or requirement for guests to wear face coverings. 

disney face mask shop disney


Where Can You Buy Disney Face Masks?

If these don’t quite float your small world boat- or you want something a little sooner than just the pre-order, you can check out a lot of small shops.

I have a list of places where you can buy Disney face masks. 

Most are shipping within a few days and they are all super cute!

disney surgical face masks

And if you are looking for a tutorial on how to sew a face mask, check this one out! 

When Will Disney World or Disneyland Open?

We are still waiting for the Disney Parks to make an official announcement. 

At this time, there has not been any indication of when the parks will open. 

We do know that the parks are not taking reservations in May; that you can only book from June 1 on. 

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