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Welcome Home, Cast Members!

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Theme parks opening are big news around here, but I imagine it was even bigger news for the Walt Disney World Cast Members. Soon they’ll be going back to work and making magic again- and this Welcome Home Cast Member video shares just how excited they are! ps- have tissues because if you have a Disney loving heart, you’ll need it!

haunted mansion wait time welcome home cast member video

Welcome Home, Cast Members!

Words I know the employees (ie, Cast Members) are looking forward to telling us when we arrive: Welcome Home. 

It’s been a long shutdown with the Disney parks closures since last March. 

And even though a lot of guests’ vacation plans were affected, let’s keep things in perspective: it was nothing compared to the Cast Members who run the parks and resorts.

Attractions Magazine shared this video from Haunted Mansion Butler Dustin Wolf

You can watch the video below!

Wolf and his fellow CMs are ready to welcome us all back to Walt Disney World on July 11th.








If you got through that with a dry eye, I salute you! 

Because there was no way I made it. 

Concerned About Losing The Magic?

This Cast Member Welcome Home video should take care of any concerns you might have about Walt Disney World losing the magic. 

I have always said the magic lives in the Cast Members, and this video by Dustin and friends just solidifies that it never left!

Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom what attractions will be closed

Cast Members: we can’t wait to say Welcome Home to you when you return as well. 

Be safe, be well, and we’ll see you all real soon!

(though this is clearly a throwback castle picture because— have y’all seen the new Cinderella Castle look?! Zomg!)

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