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Too Soon? runDisney Registration Memes From Marathon Weekend 2023

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runDisney folks are actually pretty patient, calm, and cool when it comes to registration day. Just kidding. We’re a hot mess of anticipation, anxiety, and stress. Even knowing these runDisney registration tips backward and forwards doesn’t always help calm the nerves. So what happens when things go wrong on registration day? Memes. Memes happen! Here are the best runDisney registration memes from Marathon Weekend 2023. We gotta laugh or we’d cry, right?

Frozen Anna coronation day runDisney meme

runDisney Registration Memes

Surviving runDisney registration is never easy.

Even if you “win” and get a coveted spot, you can’t help but feel let down for your fellow runDisney community members who didn’t get as lucky.

Some years are a bit more chaotic than others, but 2022 just might take the cake.

And that lead to some Pain… and Panic.

hercules pain and panic rundisney race retreat
Photo: Brena Starr

It was feeling like runDisney of 2013 up in here, that’s for sure!

What Happened During runDisney’s Marathon Weekend Registration?

To put it mildly: it was a crap show.

The queue opened around 9:30 am eastern time, but the site was crashing before the official 10 am opening.

The folks that made it into the queue before the crash were still sitting and waiting; those that were waiting until 10 am to enter were left refreshing, hoping for the site to come back up.

This whole mess took 2 1/2 hours to correct on Disney’s end.

And people were losing their minds.

Registration for the 2023 runDisney Marathon Weekend finally opened at 12:20 pm ET and we were all (literally) off to the races.

buzz and woody what were going to do today rundisney meme

How the runDisney Registration Works

It’s not called a lottery, officially, but… this system works like a lottery.

Once you are in the queue, you aren’t actually in line in any specific order. You are just in a holding room until the official time opens.

Think of it as the stretching room in Haunted Mansion. While we’re in the queue, we’re basically hanging out, reciting the spiel, waiting for the doors to the Doombuggy line to open.

When registration actually starts, we are then funneled into a random order to buy our bibs.

encanto runDisney registration meme
Encanto runDisney registration meme

So What Went Wrong?

We’re not sure what happened, and runDisney is never going to tell us.

But it is widely assumed that too much demand caused the servers to crash on Disney’s end.

And that’s when things got hard for many people on Tuesday.

If they waited online since 9:30, there was an expectation they would get the bibs they wanted. You wait almost 3 hours, you’re expecting a payoff, amirite?

But that didn’t happen.

At least not for everyone.

And that’s why and how these runDisney registration memes were born.

Runners are clever and used their meme-ing skills to good use while waiting for the registration issues to be sorted.

Enjoy these 2023 Marathon Weekend runDisney registration memes – we gotta laugh or we’d cry, right?

2023 Marathon Weekend runDisney Registration Memes

will smith chris rock oscars runDisney registration meme
rundisney registration meme
southpark runDisney registration meme
muppets runDisney registration meme
funny runDisney registration memes
loki runDisney registration meme
minions runDisney registration meme
runDisney registration memes
dr strange runDisney registration meme

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