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What I’d Do Differently | Tuesdays on the Run

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This is our weekly link up for runners, Tuesdays on the Run.

We give you a topic and you share your experiences on it. If you don’t have anything to share specific to this topic, feel free to add any running post to the link up and visit a few other bloggers. They will visit you as well!

This week we want to know: If you could go back and run/train for a race differently, or revisit an epic one just for fun, what would you redo?

Tell us all about it and link up with ErikaMarcia and me!


What I’d Do Differently

Honestly, I don’t have just one race or one event I’d want to redo.

My first thought was my marathon since I threw that together kinda short notice. But then I realized: that marathon had to go down exactly as it did, or it wouldn’t have been my experience. I wouldn’t have learned the same lessons if it had gone any other way, so I’m cool with how it happened.

wdw marathon 38.1

That’s how I feel about most things in life.

There’s a lesson tucked into most experiences, even the really sucky ones. And the marathon wasn’t all sucky at all for me. It was just sucky because, well, it was a really long day. Ha!

So maybe I wouldn’t change the marathon, but I’d be cool if I could go back to the same moment in time and relive a bit of it. I’d try to be more focused on some things.

Like the first 8 miles and getting into the corrals. I was in some weird panic induced fog that I don’t remember much of it other than being so happy the lights were on the castle, and then being so sad the Magic Kingdom miles were over.

marathon castle

There were also quite a few character pictures at the end that didn’t have any line at all- and I just kept moving past them.

It wasn’t going to keep me from finishing if I had stopped, but at the time I was in the rhythm of movement and didn’t want to interrupt it with a quick stop.

But I wish I had stopped more- that’s part of this amazing experience at Walt Disney World!


Once I was totally safe, I stopped. And also- GENIE!

Once I was totally safe, I stopped. And also- GENIE!

Should I have trained differently? Absolutely.

Will I train differently next time (assuming there is one?) Yep. I sure will.

But for this experience, well, it was pretty great for me regardless. Minus those first few miles that I just simply struggled with every step. But when it was only 8 of 26.2, I guess that’s ok-ish.

And in case anyone is wondering, nope, not even considering do another one anytime soon! I have 3 half marathons left on my schedule and I think I’m tapping out on distances over 10K for a VERY long time. I have to get my ish together before I try to do anything long again. 

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Sharing is caring!


Tuesday 25th of October 2016

I love your attitude! You are exactly right...our experiences, good or bad, shape us and make us who we are. We learn something from each one. So, to say we want a do-ever really takes away a piece of who we are. What we really want is just another experience, another memory to add a little something extra to who we are. :) Good luck on your halfs coming up!


Tuesday 25th of October 2016

No more long races?! Eek. This, too, shall pass? (Jk)

It's so cool that you get to think of "just" eight miles not going well, but you still got out of the funk, had fun and finished strong. Great job!

Jessica S

Tuesday 25th of October 2016

That genie pic is awesome! 26 miles of characters like that is the only way to get through such a massive day. :) I'm the same - no regrets, just learn from it. Life's too precious for regrets!


Tuesday 25th of October 2016

You are so right, Marathon at Disney is a very looong day!!!!! And they start so darn early, which doesn't help matters.


Tuesday 25th of October 2016

That's a great attitude--no regrets...looks like you had a lot of fun!!