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Fangirling runDisney Paris

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A little known fact around here: I have a couple of podcasts. And it’s little known because we haven’t covered runDisney over there just yet! But all that changes today! If you aren’t into podcasts, please come check the this Podcast 101 post because- well, I’m obsessed. And today we’re talking about all things runDisney Paris on the No-Guilt Fangirls Podcast. Sarah just got back from the weekend and she’s got the details for us! 

runDisney Paris Disneyland Paris

One thing I can talk about forever and ever and ever is the topic of runDisney. As you probably caught on if you’ve visited this blog before or hopped over to my Instagram

Especially right now because we’re doing a #30daysofrunDisney challenge for the month of October.



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What is runDisney?

Just what it sounds like: running races at the Disney Parks. Currently, there are races at Walt Disney World as well as Disneyland Paris and Disneyland Hong Kong. Distances include kid’s races, 5Ks, and go all the way up to the full Marathon.

Want more info? You’re in the right place. No-Guilt Disney is filled with resources for your 1st or 50th race weekend.  

But we’re here to talk about the podcast and all the fun we’re having over there! 

runDisney Paris medals and castle

Sarah and Brandon showing off their runDisney medals. “I went all the way to Paris for one stinking medal?” haaaaa!

Fangirling runDisney Paris

Today we’re talking about runDisney Paris and Sarah just got back from the 2019 race weekend. She’s got the rundown (get it?) about the experience! 

You can find Sarah at @heighhosarah on Instagram and you definitely want to give her a follow! 


Fangirling the whole dang thing is kinda my jam- so much so that I’ve made a career out of sending people to runDisney events! Want to runDisney? I can help

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