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A Change Will Do You Good…

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So what’s changing now?  We’ve got Dumbo Dare Challenge, we’ve got Dopey, we’ve got Glass Slipper Challenge… all good things am I right?  According to the scuttlebutt on the net (and a found link on the Active registration site) the deferral process is up for a make over!

Most folks who run Disney know that transferring of bibs is a no-no.  Big no-no.  Like banned for life if you get caught rumored no-no.  What’s a bib transfer?  It’s selling or giving or simply allowing someone else to run in your place using your bib for entry.  runDisney does not allow official transfers, but there are rumors of unofficial transfers happening all the time.  (Check Craigslist a week before a race, and you’ll see what I mean!)

Participants are offered the option to defer to another race if their original plans must change (such as an injury- but it appears any reason is acceptable).

Unofficially, we can report that changes are going down.  Nothing has been released officially by runDisney, so please keep this in mind when making any considerations to your deferral options.  

The Active link for deferral of the Disneyland Half weekend shows this interesting tidbit:

Charging for deferrals is not new, but the additional fee for late deferral is new. Oh- and the early deferral fee went up $10 as well!  No surprise there, right?

In the past, participants could defer to another race within the calendar year.  For example, a 2012 Wine and Dine Half Marathon entry could be deferred to the 2013 Princess Half Marathon.  You had up until 30 days before the race to request a deferral.

This is what the old deferral email looked like (from a 2012 Marathon race):

Dear runDisney Guest,

You are receiving this email because you have requested a deferral from the 2012 Walt Disney World® Marathon Weekend. You are eligible to register for another runDisney race up to one year after your deferral request. You will be required to pay registration fees for the event you are deferring to. Once your deferral form is accepted you will be refunded for your previous registration less the $35.00 deferral fee. Please note all paper work must be submitted 45 days prior to the 2012 Walt Disney World® Marathon Weekend.

Please follow the instructions below to begin the deferral process:

1. Register for the runDisney race you want to defer to

2012 Disney’s Princess Half Marathon

2012 Disney’s Princess Half Marathon 2 Person Team

2012 Disneyland® Half Marathon

2012 Disney’s Wine & Dine Half Marathon

2013 Walt Disney World ®Half Marathon

2013 Walt Disney World® Marathon

2013 Goofy’s Race & Half Challenge

Calls to runDisney reported by Facebook members state they are no longer allowing deferrals to just any ol’ race, but only to the same race for the following year.  Princess 2013 could be deferred only to Princess 2014 for example.

Whoa… mind blown yet? Thought you were savvy to all the ins and outs and processes at your favorite running mouse, right? Hang in there, y’all.  I feel ya.  Shenanigans is trying to keep up just like the rest of you!

These changes, when implemented, will only help enhance the process for those who want to keep running Disney.  Maybe runDisney heard the same rumors we heard:  people signing up for a race they had no intention of running (for example WDW Half marathon) for the sole purpose of taking advantage of deferral to a race they really wanted to run- (Tinker Bell, for example).   The deferral process allowed them early entry to a race that was not even on sale yet!

If this is the official policy (and every indication is there that it will be for 2014) I think runDisney – once again!- is making the right kinds of change.

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Thursday 18th of July 2013

Disney races have become SO popular they've been selling out in day's! After running the princess this year I decided I'd like to go for my Coast to Coast except the only race in CA that qualifies (the Disneyland Half) was already sold out, I can't buy someone else's bib per Disney rules (and can't illegally transfer since that wouldn't qualify for C2C). Travel agency spots were already sold out. So unless I can somehow find a charity that isn't sold out and then spend $250 for the race registration AND $1,500+ in fundraising AND travel costs I have no options. Frankly the Disney race's are expensive enough those deferral costs are absolutely ridiculous! I can see asking for a dr's letter to prove the need for deferral but $70? on top of your $180+ race entry? on top of all the other costs you will incur for being at Disney? No thanks!

Jennifer Pug Pug

Saturday 18th of May 2013

Interesting. I definitely think there should be a way to transfer or sell your bib - things happen and you have to register so early for these races so you don't get locked out. There's really not a lot of options if an injury, illness or conflict arises. I do understand why they wouldn't want runners to defer to and gain entry to a race that's not even technically open for registration yet, I'm looking forward to seeing how this plays out.


Friday 17th of May 2013

All good thoughts. I'd love to hear the official reason why runDisney doesn't allow transfers. I've read reasons why other races don't do it. Not sure how many of them apply to Disney's situation though.


Friday 17th of May 2013

I like the changes, granted I was already under the impression that you could only defer to the same race the next year. I also agree with April that there should be some way to sell or transfer the bib to another person. Life brings unexpected changes and you might not be able to guarantee you could run it the following year.

April S

Friday 17th of May 2013

I like the changes and it makes sense to me that you'd defer to the same race the next year, but I do wish they would put in a method to allow you to sell/transfer bibs officially and legally. We were stuck with a $117 Expedition Everest bib since my husband couldn't run due to a medical issue.

Despite any complaining, I <3 RunDisney and that might as well be me in your Futurama meme handing over all my money happily to be able to have these awesome races to run to keep me motivated to keep moving!

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