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Wear… A… Mask! Be Our Guest Parody

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Ahhh, nothing like a catchy Disney song to get stuck in your head. And this one? Well, it will do just that and also remind you to wear a (Disney) mask, wear a mask, just wear a mask! Sharing my new favorite song as a reminder that we all need to remember that this isn’t like the flu, it’s not going away, and wearing a mask shouldn’t be too much to ask. 

wear a mask Disney Be Our Guest song

One of the things we love most about Disney fans is their creativity. 

That might be in their Disneybounding outfits or their runDisney costumes, or maybe how they choose to celebrate their Disney side at home with virtual Disney vacations

OR- it’s when they do something like this. 

Noah Lindquist has created the anthem of 2020 as far as this Disney fan is concerned- and that, as my Dear David from Schitt’s Creek might say, needs to be celebrated. 

mrs potts in wear a mask song parody

Wear… A… Mask! Be our Guest Parody

I’m not sure which part I liked the most: when Mrs. Pott’s comes on the scene or when they invoke Dr. Fauci (rhymes with grouchy, BTW). 

He gets a little bit political, but hey, this whole 2020 has been political so I’m not sure it could be avoided. 

Maybe we don’t have to wear them forever- but for now?

Oh, my friends, for now, we sure do.

And yes, your kids will need to wear masks at Disney World as well. But there are a few tips to help that go smoother if you are having some struggles!

If you’re looking for ways to DIY your own mask, check out this mask tutorial. 

Or make it super easy on yourself and buy a Disney mask from these vendors. 

disney surgical face masks

Whatever mask you choose to rock for the rest of 2020- it’s cool!

Just remember to wear a mask, wear a mask! 

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