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runDisney Finish Line Wish List

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Finishing a runDisney race is a feeling like no other! We get the medals, we get the bananas, and we get the feeling of accomplishment that lives on and on. But… runners have a few other things on their runDisney finish line wish list! What would you add if you could sprinkle pixie dust?

Finish line characters

runDisney Finish Line Wish List

A dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re crossing a runDisney finish line… 

Or something like that. 

We know what happens when you cross a runDisney finish line, but what would runners REALLY like to see when they cross the timing mat?

I asked and runners answered. 

race volunteer handing medals at rundisney event

1. runDisney Runners Would Love Booze At The Finish Line

That’s right. I ran all the miles, gimme all the drinks!

Once upon a time at the Wine and Dine Half Marathon, this was an actual thing.

After you finished the race, you could pick up a Michelob Light or a plastic bottle of wine. But that was a long time ago in a runDisney galaxy far far away- things have changed, my friends. Like the fact that this race no longer finishes at night.  

But have you met a runner? There’s nothing like replenishing carbs with some of that liquid hops, grains and grapes. Just sayin’… it’s not a bad idea to bring this back!

margaritas at marathon

2. Or Chocolate Milk at the Finish Line

Not everyone needs or wants a stiff drink, but have you ever had ice-cold chocolate milk after a race?

That’s a little bit of heaven right there. 

Carbs: check!

Protein: check!

Cold and refreshing: check!


A Burger, a slice of pizza, a Mickey pretzel. 

Look, we just ran through the parks and spent #allthemoney to get here; do us a solid and feed us!

Mickey pretzels would be great at a runDisney finish line

4. Okay, Cool. Booze and Food Cost Too Much. How About a Bag?

Because what runDisney does do well is ply us with Powerade, water bottles, snack boxes, and bananas. 

Armfuls of stuff- plus some heavy medals- makes for an awkward walk through the finish area and to the buses. 

Add in our phones and maybe a heat sheet or cooling towel and a bag would make life so much easier!

photopass finisher pics at runDisney finish line

Gotta put those piles down to get that finish line pic!

Tinker Bell once gave a small bag at the finish and it was the best swag EVER!

And back in the day, Princess Half Marathon used to supply finishers with drawstring carry bags. It was the only race that did that consistently but… alas, that’s gone now as well.

What we’re saying, runDisney, is bring back the bags! 

BTW, I Googled just for funsies. These look like they might start at under $1. So… yeah… where’d they go, yo?


See also: Patty’s a hoarder. 2011, 2012 and 2013 I do believe! 

5. Hook a Runner Up With a FastPass Maybe?

Now hear me out. I know it might take a bit of shifting the algorithms around or whatever.

But what if- just what if there was a booth at the finish line where interested runners could stop by, scan their Magic Band, and receive a 1 free anytime FastPass to their account.

Some runners won’t bother because they won’t qualify to get one for their families- this would be for the runners only, after all. So maybe it’s not even too much a risk to try it? 

But a free FastPass seems like a zero-cost option that runDisney could totally add to sweeten the experience of a runDisney event. 

I’m just sayin’….

magic band options

6. Marathon Monday- THIS

What do runners really want at a runDisney finish line? 

The return of Marathon Mondays. 

According to runDisney historians (ie, the old schoolers on the internet), runners who completed the Walt Disney World Marathon would receive a one-day park ticket good for the Monday after the race. 

Um, yeah, that’s amazing.

And totally expensive, I get it, but hey…

so is traveling year after year, staying on property, buying food at the parks, and running Disney.

all magic comes at a price

Have you priced out how much it costs to runDisney? It’s a pretty decent number. Also- I’m not complaining cause clearly, I’m all in, year after year, race after race. 

But for those that aren’t high on Pixie Dust and Magical Miles, this could go a long way in developing some runner love. And more importantly, possible return trips year after year. 

What would you like to see at the finish line of a runDisney race?

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