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Hack Your Way To A TRON Lightcycle Run Boarding Group

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TRON Lightcycle Run at Walt Disney World is the newest coaster you want to ride! You’ll want to put it at the top of your must-do list for Magic Kingdom visits. Big tip for TRON Lightcycle Run: it is only experienced through a virtual queue boarding pass or an Individual Lightning Lane purchase. We have some crucial tips & hacks to get you in the best position to nab that coveted TRON Boarding Group at Walt Disney World. Please see this post for Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane tips For Magic Kingdom. Ps- Check if TRON Lightcycle Run is Too Scary For Your Kids! This one is a different kind of experience, and being tall enough doesn’t always mean being ready when it comes to rides.

Hack Your Way To a TRON Lightcycle Run Boarding Group

This is the mission to success you’ve been looking for.

Here are the secret tips and hacks to get a boarding group for TRON Lightcycle Run.

These tips and hacks were successfully used for previous boarding groups such as Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, Rise of the Resistance, WEB Slingers, and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure.

tron-roller-coaster-bikes. tips for tron boarding group virtual queue
At D23 Expo 2022, it was announced that TRON Lightcycle / Run will open in Spring 2023 in Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. (Disney)

VIDEO: 7 Things To Know About TRON Lightcycle Run Before Entering The Grid!

If you are looking for a video for the TRON roller coaster, here’s a great place to start.

We’ve got seven things you should know about the TRON coaster experience before you jump on board.

Will Tron Have Lockers For Bags?


Tron will utilize a locker system for all bags and hats before you board a Lightcycle.

You can keep your cell phone as the ride vehicle has a small storage compartment. You can store glasses and cell phones in this compartment.

Lockers will be accessed by your MagicBand, MagicBand+, or theme park ticket.

The locker system is FREE and should be utilized by all guests planning to ride.

Magic Kingdom Tips for Tron Lightcycle Run- use the locker system!

Tips To Grab a Boarding Group For TRON Lightcycle Run At Magic Kingdom

  • Turn off Wifi. For most locations, WiFi will slow you down. Unless your phone is showing 1 or 2 bars, turn off Bluetooth and WiFi for this process. Close all background apps on your phone as well; let your phone know the only thing that matters is getting a TRON boarding group.
  • Most Guests have two chances to get a boarding group: 7 am and 1 pm. You do not have to be in the park for the 7 am attempt, but you DO need to have checked into Magic Kingdom for the 1 pm option. The afternoon seems to be easier to come by than a morning boarding group. Reminder: you cannot park hop at Walt Disney World until 2 pm! That limits your options for this ride at this time.
  • Some Guests can join a special 3rd boarding group at 6 pm. Guests staying at a Disney Deluxe Resort, Disney Deluxe Villa Resort, or other select hotels like Shades of Green and Swan and Dolphin will have an additional opportunity to request to join the virtual queue on select dates during extended evening theme park hours. Guests with this benefit do not need to be in Magic Kingdom to request to join at that time. 
  • Confirm your boarding group party up to an hour before. In the app, navigate to the virtual queue and confirm who will be in your party that day. Remove anyone who is connected with you via the app, but does not plan on riding that day. Please note: everyone in your party will need a theme park reservation for Magic Kingdom if you are trying for the 7 am option.
tips and hacks for Tron boarding group and virtual queue
  • Set an alarm on your phone for 6:58 am. Trust us, that’s all you need. Once the alarm goes off, open your My Disney Experience app and navigate to the virtual queue page. Click Join Virtual Queue. It will be too soon to get your Tron Coaster boarding group, but you will be in the right place. You’ll see the “Confirm Your Party” button. This goes away when the virtual queue is open.
  • Refresh Refresh Refresh! Hit the refresh button or drag your finger down the screen to refresh your virtual queue page. Do this repeatedly until the time changes to 7 am and the Join Queue button is highlighted.
how to join virtual queue for guardians of the galaxy cosmic rewind
  • When you see Join Virtual Queue replace Confirm Your Party, SMASH that button! That will (fingers crossed) be the final step to hacking your way to a Tron Lightcycle Run boarding group.
  • Check your boarding group number & estimated return time. The app will notify you when the ride is ready for your return, and you have 1 hour to join the physical line. HOWEVER: don’t wait! This is important. These rides can go down (and do!) often- and due to their complexity, it can take hours for some rides to come back online. So don’t hesitate: if your group has been called, go ahead and join the line for the Tron Coaster!
how to join virtual queue for guardians of the galaxy cosmic rewind

Extra Tips For Grabbing a TRON Lightcycle Run Coaster Boarding Group

1. Some sites suggest using the USNO Master Clock to determine the EXACT time. You’ll want to watch this clock until 6:59:59 and then hit that refresh button.

However, using the refresh drag-down plan worked every morning and afternoon for us with other virtual queues.

2. TRON Lightcycle Run Virtual Queue Tip: The newest phone typically wins! If you have more than one cell phone in your group, have EVERYONE try at the same time.

3. If you don’t get into the first queue, go ahead and set an alarm on your phone for 12:58 and try again for the afternoon. If you have park hoppers, you will need to wait until you’ve entered EPCOT to try for your boarding group.

4. If the attraction is closed when your boarding group has been called, don’t panic. But do go ahead and take a screenshot of your boarding group number.

tron loading area.

Once the attraction re-opens (and no, Disney does not notify you, you will have to check the app for the update) you will be allowed to enter the line.

5. If you are late, also don’t panic. The Cast Members won’t let you ride early, but they may feel some sympathy if you show up late.

We showed up for other rides over an hour after our boarding group was called due to a dinner reservation and they allowed us to ride without a problem. As always, your mileage may vary with this TRON Lightcyle Run tip. Not all Cast Members will be able to allow you entry, but it never hurts to ask NICELY.

tron lightcycle run ride vehicle. Looks like a motorcycle. TRON Review

Can You Get A Boarding Group and An Individual Lightning Lane For TRON Lightcyle Run?


You are able to hold both a Boarding Group and purchase an Individual Lightning Lane for the TRON Coaster at the same time.

We were able to do this when Remy’s ride first opened as well (and Tron runs the same way).

How Much Will an Individual Lightning Lane For Tron Lightcycle Run Cost?

You’ll pay between $14 and $19 plus tax for each person. It could go up to $25 per person during peak times based on recent Guardians of the Galaxy experience.

You can only pay for one ride per day per person.

tron at night shanghai. tips for getting boarding group for Tron at Disney World.

How Do You Get Both An ILL and A Boarding Group For TRON Coaster?

You would need two phones to try to get both options simultaneously.

One person concentrates on getting the Individual Lightning Lane for the group, the other will follow the above steps for Boarding Groups.

Refer to this article to learn more about ILL (Individual Lightning Lane) purchases.

Which Line Is Faster: VQ or Individual Lightning Lane For TRON Lightcycle Run?

The Individual Lightning Lane purchase is the way to go if time is of the essence for your day.

Our experience on Cosmic Rewind showed that the ILL wait was at least 30 minutes shorter on average than the Virtual Queue wait.

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