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Baby Yoda Memes: Proving 50 Is The New Adorable

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He’s small, green, and he’s totes adorbs. The entire internet is saying BRING HIM TO ME after watching The Mandalorian on Disney+. And that’s more than fair. These Baby Yoda memes prove that 50 really is the new adorable! ps- the Baby Yoda merchandise is on the way, too!

the mpst bad ass quotes from The Mandalorian on Disney Plus

Pedro Pascal is The Mandalorian in the Disney+ series THE MANDALORIAN.
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Baby Yoda Memes: Proving 50 Is The New Adorable

I don’t get gushy often, especially when watching Star Wars movies. They just don’t usually have that effect on me. 

But by the last frames of the newest Disney+ show, I almost flew off my treadmill when I saw him. My ovaries exploded and I was begging to have another baby that I hoped would come out green with big ears and bigger eyes. 

Yup, I was smitten with the baby in The Mandalorian. And obviously I’m not alone because no matter what too much time on Twitter tries to tell us, we really do all have hearts. 

Best baby yoda memes from The Mandalorian

Is Baby Yoda Really Yoda?

Nope, Baby Yoda is NOT Yoda.

The official Star Wars timeline tells us when The Mandalorian takes place: and it’s a good time after Yoda became part of The Force. 

So why are we calling him that? Because we have nothing better to call him!

Star Wars canon does not give Yoda’s species a name.

Until that happens, we’ve all decided to call him Baby Yoda. Don’t @ us. 

baby yoda and paul rudd

How Old Is Baby Yoda?

One of The Mandalorian Quotes happens at the very end of the first episode. The bounty hunters find The Asset and discover the cutest little thing in the galaxy.

He’s supposed to be 50-years-old, but it’s noted that some species age differently than others. 

How Do We Feel About Baby Yoda Memes? Love Them, We Do.

Look, I love memes in general, but I am living for the funny Disney Plus memes coming out over the past week. 

Add these Baby Yoda meme to the list of faves. 

Schitts Creek Moira Baby Yoda Meme



The Baby Yoda show meme



baby yoda meme change my mind



baby yoda memes spider-man



Baby yoda memes snuggles



stealing baby yoda memes from The Mandalorian



baby yoda meme baby looks like this



baby yoda cat meme



baby yoda from The Mandalorian memes priest



baby yoda meme phone wall paper



baby yoda the mandalorian

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