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Star Wars Revenge Of The 6th Memes: Come To The Dark Side! (2023)

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As they say, we have cookies. And Sith Lords. And cool cloaks. Listen, if you’re over these memes then I can’t help you find the way. But search your feelings: you know it’s true. These Star Wars Revenge of the 6th Memes are the best way to welcome you to the Dark Side.

revenge of the 6th memes. I will finish all the cookies Kylo Ren.

What’s The Deal With Revenge of the 6th Memes?

Like everything on the internet, it’s an awesome progression of one joke flowing into another.

You can read about the May the Fourth memes to understand how that started.

Naturally, someone on Reddit asked the question, “Does this make May the 5th the Revenge of the 5th?”

And as always in any fandom, but especially in Star Wars fandoms, there was debate.

Revenge of the 5th… (Sith) or Revenge of the 6th (Sith).

revenge of the 6th memes vs revenge of the 5th: yoda

Which one actually celebrates the Dark Side of Star Wars?

We say- why can’t it be BOTH? Because Star Wars is awesome enough to go one as long as we can push it.

So let’s do it!

Celebrate your dark side with these fun Revenge of the 6th memes this year.

Revenge of the 6th Memes

darth maul revenge of the sixth memes
We love a good Sith Lord Revenge of the Sixth meme!
star wars revenge of the 6th memes
2 days revenge of the 6th memes
I am totally positive this conversation happened about Revenge of the Sixth memes.
good good revenge of the 6th memes
tomorrow revenge of the 6th sounds better

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