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Princess Half Marathon 2013- We Took Pictures. And Ran. A Little.

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The alarm(s) went off- yes, we had multiple set, just in case, and April and I sprang into action.  Okay- I sprang, April kinda rolled around and cursed the world and all things too early… but she got up.  We got dressed in our fabulous race attire and made the walk to the bus stop.

IMG_2504 IMG_2503

Met my sister, Megan, boarded a bus, and Drizella, the evil step sister, was on her way to the ball.  We arrived quickly at the Epcot parking lot and I was pleased to see a shorter walk than I remembered in previous years! We joined the mass of mostly women moving toward the family gathering area and headed over to meet up with our group from PbRC.

Here’s where Megan almost died of embarrassment.  Julie comes flying out of nowhere yelling “SISTER!  Where’s my SIIIISSSSTTEERRR???!!!!” And gave me a big ol’ hug.  Julie, dressed as Anastasia, was in rare form at 3:30am.  Amy looked ADORABLE as Belle- basket, bread and all.  That basket got more compliments than any other costume on the course!  I knew we were in for a great run with all this energy flying around!


I think I made up for Megan’s embarrassment when PbRC had a special guest show up.  Tony, the PbRC group leader, is also a #run3rd captain.  He made special arrangements with Sean Astin to come speak to our group.  Sean (Goonies, Lord of the Rings, Rudy, etc) is a distance runner who believes that you run 1st for yourself, 2nd for your family, and 3rd for others.  He created a hashtag movement on Twitter embracing this idea.  It’s been an important addition to my personal running journey and many in PbRC feel the same way.

Needless to say, it was very cool that he stopped by for a few minutes, slapped some hands, took a group picture, and gave us a little pep talk before we headed out!  Sean is a class act- liked him as an actor, but love him as a person. And yes, he was wearing a TIARA!


It was time to head to the corrals and get started on this Picture-Palooza we call the Princess Half Marathon.

  IMG_2514 IMG_2513

I’m going to link both Julie and Amy’s blogs in an effort to save some time.  They did a FABULOUS job of capturing all the race excitement.  I’m not sure I could write it out any better, to be honest.  And considering we ran together for 90% of the race, I feel like adding the same pictures of the same event might just clog up cyber space. 

Or it could be that I’m too lazy to write it all up.  Check them both out!

Julie’s race recap can be found here.

Amy’s race recap can be found here.

Skipping to the end here… and I was done!  Got my Coast to Coast medal and was one happy Shenanigans!
The volunteers who handed me the PHM medal and the C2C medal. April finished like a Rock Star!
It was hot and it was long and it was crowded.  Those are the basic answers I give when someone asks me about this race.  Megan and April both finished strong (and way ahead of us!) despite their injuries.  Alicia and Summer had great races too- but really got bogged down in the crowds this year. Despite the crowds and heat, this was hands down my favorite Princess Half Marathon.  I’m sure it was the company, the costumes, and the fact that I was well trained this go around!  When I look at the pictures and read the reports from other princesses around the world who ran this race, I know I’m not alone!

Official finish time: 3:59:47

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Thursday 4th of April 2013

I'll only approve Aurora if she is blue AND pink.

Amy Albers

Thursday 4th of April 2013

The costumes are the best part!! I'm still not on board with the Poppins posse, though. I have the feeling I'll get stuck with the big coat carrying your crap. I'm going rogue Aurora - she doesn't have to carry anything.


Thursday 4th of April 2013

Thanks Lauren! The costumes were a lot of fun! Julie talked me into doing it- I was planning on bailing because it was so hot. Really glad I didn't.

Lauren Speer

Thursday 4th of April 2013

You guys had such great costumes! Good work on the recap!


Wednesday 3rd of April 2013

Thanks Rob! It's pretty bling! Can't do it without you!!!!

It was a lot of fun Julie! Gotta do it again! :)

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