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runDisney Disneyland Cancellations: It’s Going To Be OK

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I’ve decided that with all the drama of the runDisney Disneyland cancellations:

It’s going to be OK.




No, really, hear me out.

I know people are upset. I know financial issues are at play. I know history and tradition and legacy have all been thrown out the window for some runners and their families.

I know the Facebook groups are blowing up and people are accusing you of having fake outrage.

That “maybe you should have realized this was coming, oh, back in June.”

That if you are angry, you are ridiculous/entitled/what not.



To those stoking those fires:

Super not helpful, guys.

Where’s your compassion? Just because it doesn’t bother you, doesn’t mean it’s not still an issue or concern to someone else.

Especially in the heat of the moment, we might try to show a little grace.

If they are still complaining about it in excess three months from now? Have at it.

But I feel like we are allowed a little grieving time over something that was more to many of us than just a race weekend.



I’m here to say- hey, feel what you feel.

It’s ok to feel a little betrayed, a little kicked in the gut, a little annoyed at the way this was handled.

Because (let’s be honest) it was handled so freaking poorly I cannot even begin to understand why they strung it out as they did.

I don’t have answers, but I don’t 100% believe it’s all about the construction going on at DLR either.

But after years of races and literal sweat put into their brand, the handling of the news has been disappointing.

Our families were growing up with runDisney. We were invested.


Lucy running kids race


So I know that sucks.

I think it sucks too. The races were what got me off the couch in the first place, and Disneyland races, in particular, were what kept me running.

I wish it were different. I wish we didn’t have to say goodbye to our wonderful running trips to southern California.


It’s going to be OK.


Taking a break from runDisney in and of itself isn’t a bad thing. (Besides- it’s not entirely gone; there are a whole slate of races on the East coast if you are inclined!)

If you aren’t then there’s the opportunity to save a little money.

Maybe visit someplace else in the Los Angeles area.

Or not.

Because let’s be honest: Disneyland is kinda amazing.


A trip to Disneyland should include trying out something new. My Disneyland food bucket list had some new things crossed off recently: Lobster Nachos and the Fun Wheel at the Cove Bar. Special shout out to Mickey shaped beignets and the Mint Julip!


What is happening around the runDisney community right now is a lot of anger and sadness. That’s to be expected; when you lose something you love, you grieve.

Somewhere in those stages will come acceptance. I can’t remember which order things go in, but I know it’s there, somewhere.

Something I know for a fact about us as runners: we are a community. A real community who might have come together over an opportunity to put some miles in together, but who grew into so much more.

I’ve seen friendships bloom from shared miles.

I’ve created non-running bonds with people over the costumes they’ve created.


LOVE YOU THE MOST NICOLE!  Photo: D23 Expo Official


I’ve flown across the country to hug a friend before her cancer surgery— who I met because we loved running in skirts at the Disneyland runDisney events.

The races? Well, the races are a side aspect of runDisney for many of us.

An important one; something we all loved doing, sure. But the races were not runDisney to me.

The real heart of runDisney was how it brought people together.

And that’s not going to change, just because the races aren’t happening.


Hello complete stranger, I'm proud of you too! Peggy Sue runDisney cheerleader


See you all real soon, my runDisney friends!

It’s going to be OK. 

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Thursday 19th of October 2017

There is also a lovely Run Disney event in Paris.