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Is Test Track Too Scary For Kids? Parents Guide To Rides At Disney

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EPCOT has a variety of attractions. One is the fastest attraction is all of Walt Disney World. Is Test Track kid-friendly and ok for your children? This parents ride guide will help you decide if Test Track is too scary for kids in your household. 

parents ride guide will help you decide if Test Track is too scary for kids in your household. 

This Parents Ride Guide is part of a series focusing on the elements of Disney World and Disneyland attractions that might be unexpectedly scary for your kids. This post will mention details that could be considered spoilers, so please read with caution.

About Test Track At Disney World

From the Walt Disney World Website:

Design a virtual concept car and put it to the test on this thrilling, high-octane attraction.

Disney is calling this a family-thrill attraction, but what exactly does that mean? Is Test Track too scary for kids? Here’s what families need to know before riding this attraction at Epcot.

is test track too scary for kids parents guide to rides at disney

Is Test Track Too Scary For Kids? Parents Guide To Rides At Disney

As always, you know your child best.

Disney doesn’t try to make rides that are too scary for kids, but some children may have unexpected reactions to certain experiences at Disney World or Disneyland.

This parent ride guide to Test Track will let you know about elements that kids may find concerning or scary before you get in line.

In this series, we’ll run down the ride basics to include if there are flashing lights, loud noises, spins, drops, jump scare elements, dark moments, scary themes, and overall general speed or intensity.

is test track too scary for kids parents ride guide disney

What Does The Ride Vehicle Look Like For Test Track?

For Test Track, you are seated in a 6-passenger car-shaped vehicle.

Seat belts are worn just like in any car on the road!

Folks of any size should have plenty of room in the vehicle.

test track ride vehicle

Darkness May Make Test Track Too Scary For Some Kids

During the Test Track attraction, most of the ride takes place in the dark.

The car you are in goes through a few different test phases that all take place in the dark.

Small Drops On Test Track

While the overall ride doesn’t have any big drops, Test Track does have some small dips and bumps.

None of them are significant enough to be counted as scary, but it’s not a flat, smooth ride.

Your kids will experience starts, stops, accelerations and some dips throughout the testing experience.

build a car and test it out on test track. parents guide for rides at disney

Is Test Track Too Scary: Jump Scares, Loudness, And Bright Lights

Test Track runs a car through a dark ‘testing course’, but there are some bright flashing lights, lightning simulation, and one “jump scare” that occurs at the attraction.

Car horns honk in the darkness and there is some squealing of tires as well.

Scary Themes

The theme of Test Track is not scary nor is it meant to be something kids would worry about.

The point of this attraction is to test out a vehicle you create while waiting in line to see how it handles under certain circumstances.

is test track scary? the speed and power test.

Is Test Track Too Scary For Kids: Speed

Test Track is the fastest attraction at Disney World, reaching 65 miles per hour during the last test of your vehicle.

You’ll leave the dark enclosed testing area and accelerate quickly on a banked track, soon reaching 65mph.

The speed portion of the attraction only lasts about 40 seconds. The banking might be concerning for some children as your whole car tilts on the track.

This could be intense for kids, but it truly feels like riding a convertible on the highway or a car with the windows down.

test track speed test. fastest ride at disney world

Age Rating: What Ages of Kids Can Ride Test Track?

As long as they meet the height requirement of 40 inches, most young children should be able to enjoy this low-level family thrill ride.

We think ages 5 and up are generally good to go, but even younger can experience Test Track if loud noises and darkness do not upset them.

efficiency test on test track. is it kid-friendly?

Watch The Full Test Track Ride Through

Sometimes it helps to watch the full ride-through experience to decide if a theme park ride is kid-friendly for your family.

Here is a ride-through of Test Track to help you know if it’s too scary!

Parents Ride Guide Tip Sheet

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