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I am Iron Man! Marvel runDisney Virtual Medals Revealed

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You know I’ve been waiting for these babies and they are finally here!

runDisney is releasing the medals one by one: and today we finally get to see every one of them- and register for the virtual series.

With the latest run of Marvel movies taking the box office by storm (hello, Captain Marvel, we see you breaking records!) it was only a matter of time for runDisney to create a run series for us Marvel fans.

Wait… didn’t they…

runDisney Spider-Man 5K at Disneyland

Oh. Nevermind… but yes, I miss Disneyland races too!

Let’s take a look at these medals- fit for the superhero in all of us. And be sure to visit this post to learn about registration for the Marvel runDisney Virtual Race Series.

Marvel runDisney Virtual Medals

Apparently, we’re getting the medal release in stages.

So hang tight and be sure to watch this space for all the updates!


Captain Marvel 5K Medal


Captain Marvel 5K medal
Captain Marvel 5K medal from runDisney virtual race series

Iron Man 5K Medal

While Iron Man isn’t my favorite, I know he might be YOURS!

And if he is, this is the first and only time that he’s been on any medal from runDisney. They couldn’t even say his name in the old Avengers half marathon weekends in Disneyland!

Black Panther 5K Medal

Up first- but earned last?– is the August 5K medal.

Featuring the Black Panther mask- oh my Wakanda- this is HOT! Which, btw, so will a 5K in August. Ahem.

Feast your eyes on this pretty baby!

Challenge Medal

This one- well, I’m not as in love with it as the others. But for a Marvel fan, it would make a great commemorative item!

It just doesn’t wow me like I hoped.


The 2019 runDisney virtual race medals are Marvel themed this year. And they are Gorgeous! Learn how you can earn yours this summer! #rundisney #marvel

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