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Something New: Running Disney With Kids

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I’m packing up for a trip to the Super Heroes Half Marathon weekend and heading to the airport today. This is nothing new; it’s my third year for this race weekend, and it’s one of my favorites. What is new: I’m taking my 11-year-old daughter with me. Running Disney with kids isn’t my norm, so this weekend is going to be a little different for me!

I say it’s new, but it’s not entirely new. We did this once before in 2013 when we planned a trip for the whole crew (extended aunts and cousins and grands). Overall, the trip together was great.

But including the running? Not so much.


I found it difficult to be a mom and Disneyland guide as well as a runner that weekend. I worried way too much about the kids (especially Lucy who was only two), and I definitely need time off my legs and feet before a half. My kids definitely didn’t care. They were all about the parks, and I was exhausted. More so than normal for a race weekend.

I decided to wait a few more years for everyone to get a bit older before we tried a runDisney weekend again.

While I waited for the kids to grow up, they decided running Disney wasn’t their thing. #WhompWhomp It appeared I missed that window of interest.

Until last year.

Claire spoke up as I was packing my things for the Avengers Half weekend that she’d love to run a 5K with me at this race next year.

Claire lake

Since she’s my mini-me, I figured it was not the running she was interested in, but the Disneyland and Avengers theme that was inspiring her.

And I was right. My girl loves her superheroes, especially Iron Man, and it’s been a little over a year since her last Disney trip. Put Marvel together with Disneyland and she figured it would be worth getting up early and running. Seriously, she’s just like me!

When registration came around, she decided she wanted to give the 10K a try since it came with a real metal medal. Of course, when we got wind of the 5K Captain America medal, we went ahead and added that one as well.

Go big or go home, right?


Team Cap is going to Disneyland! Thanks, American Tourister, for making sure we’re traveling in style.

So here we are- packing up the (affiliate) American Tourister Captain America suitcase and heading out to Disneyland for Claire’s first real races (she only ran the kids races in 2013).

She trained through the summer, and I was so impressed with her dedication. We got up early and out before the sun. She ran on the treadmill on the days she slept it. She put in the work. But then school started… and between band practices and middle school homework, the runs got put on the back burner. We both admit to slacking off big time in October.

School, work, and travel derailed us from our ultimate goals. But I feel like we are in good shape to complete the mileage and we are both okay with that. While we won’t be setting any records, we are ready for 9.3 miles of the back of the pack running/walking fun together.

She’s excited- I’m excited- and we’re going to have the best girls weekend ever!


And yes, she’s going to be in costume for the 5K and a matching shirt with me for the 10K. Costumes aren’t typically her thing, so she’s doing this for me.

We’ll have a little Civil War action going on with me as Captain America and her as Iron Man. Who will win? Eh, my money is on the young one here!

Have you taken your kids to runDisney yet? What did they love about the weekend?

Sharing is caring!

Tracy Martin

Thursday 10th of November 2016

Hope you and Claire have a great race weekend!!! Good luck!!

christi in ma

Thursday 10th of November 2016

go Claire! go Team Iron Man (hee hee)

Harmony, Momma To Go

Thursday 10th of November 2016

My son is 7, he's loving 1 mile races I can't wait till he's a little bigger to do more with me. Have a great race!!!!