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Hamilton Drinking Game: Don’t Thow Away Your Shot!

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Because 2020 needed some redemption: Disney+ dropped Hamilton the Musical on us. And y’all: it is everything- we’re still watching it weekly and it’s 2 years later. We have Hamilton MemesHamilton quotes and… now we’ve got a Hamilton drinking game. If you are of legal drinking age, and are thinking, hey, this sounds like a good drinking game movie- you’d be right. Grab your favorite beverage and queue up Hamilton on Disney Plus. Raise a glass to freedom! Don’t forget to peep the Ted Lasso drinking game, Emily in Paris drinking game and the Bridgerton Drinking game as well. 

The Ultimate Hamilton Drinking Game

The Ultimate Hamilton Drinking Game

As Alexander Hamilton sings, Don’t Throw Away Your Shot! 

Grab a beverage and let’s start playing. 

And in case you think you recognize some of the Hamilton cast from Disney: you’re not drunk (yet)- its true!

There are at least 11 Hamilton and Disney connections that will make you say awesome, wow! 

But first: there are Hamilton Drinking Game Rules you’ve got to follow. 

hamilton drinking game rules

Rules of the Hamilton Drinking Game


That basically means you’ll want to limit this game to one drink per song. Do not binge both alcohol and Hamilton together. That is not a good look, y’all. 

Seriously- I care, and the EMS does not need to be called on your booty, so be smart here. 

Also: this game is NOT for kids and, to be honest, the show might not be either. Is Hamilton ok for kids? Read the parent review with a list of Hamilton swear words just in case! 

the rules of the hamilton drinking game
  • When the year is mentioned: take a drink. 1776… New York City!
  • SIP when you hear Hamilton say I’m not throwing away my shot (seriously, y’all, SIP!)
  • Take a shot when the Schuyler Sisters say WORK in that iconic moment in front of Burr
  • Drink when Hamilton is writing
  • Take a shot when King George says, AWESOME, WOW!
king george quotes from Hamilton the movie
  • Take a deep drink when Angelica or Eliza make you cry. 
  • Every time Thomas Jefferson makes you laugh, SIP your drink
  • Drink when you hear BOOM during Right Hand Man
  • Take a shot when Martha Washington’s tomcat is mentioned (It’s True!)
  • Drink whenever you hear the Aaron Burr line, Talk Less, Smile More
  • Rap along with Daveed Diggs- and when you mess up (because you WILL!) take a shot
best quotes from hamilton the movie on Disney plus
  • Holla, Virginia! Drink whenever the state is mentioned
  • Raise a glass to freedom! Drink responsibly when you hear this phrase
  • Drink during the duals 
  • And Peggy! Means you get to take a drink
  • Drink when anyone sings about Hercules Mulligan’s pants/tailor skills

You can also take a look at the Tiger King Drinking game if Netflix is more your thing!

Hamilton Drinking Game

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