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11 Disney and Hamilton Connections To Make You Say AWESOME! WOW!

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You might be a mega Hamilton fan and you might be a mega Disney fan. But are you both? We found 11 Disney and Hamilton connections to make you say AWESOME! WOW!

jonathan groff hamilton and disney connection

11 Disney and Hamilton Connections To Make You Say AWESOME! WOW!

Hamilton is making waves on Disney+ right now. 

This week, you can’t go on social media without someone talking about it.

(Okay, it is me, I’m someone! I cannot get enough of this movie!!!)

But did you know about the many Disney and Hamilton connections?

The cast of Hamilton, it seems, have Disney-loving hearts themselves. 

Here are 11 Disney and Hamilton connections to make you say AWESOME! WOW!

awesome wow disney and hamilton connections you didnt know about!

1. Jonathan Groff Plays King George As Well As Kristoff in Frozen and Frozen 2

And he slays as both! 

Kristoff’s song in Frozen 2? Y’all- it is just the best! 

But King George has some of the best Hamilton Quotes and is also the star of my new favorite Hamilton meme, so he’s kinda winning all things 4th of July right now. 

treason day hamilton meme

2. Lin-Manuel Miranda (Creator and Star of Hamilton) Was Up For An Oscar For Moana

While he didn’t win the Oscar (YET!) he did perform part of How Far I’ll Go on stage. 

It was an epic performance- be sure to check this one out

disney and hamilton connections: lin manuel miranda oscars moana

3. Christopher Jackson Plays Moana’s Father and George Washington

Did you catch the voice once he started singing?

It is unmistakable: Chris Jackson plays Moana’s father, Chief Tui. 

disney and hamilton connections

He also voiced Shujaa on The Lion Guard. 

Speaking of The Lion Guard… 

4. Angelica, Renee Elise Goldberry, Also Sings The New Muppet Babies Theme Song on Disney, Jr

Goldberry was in The Lion King on Broadway as Nala. 

And also: she’s been in The Lion Guard as Dhahabu.

Hamilton stars in Disney shows and movies

5. Lin-Manuel’s Son’s Name is Sebastian From The Little Mermaid

Isn’t that the cutest thing you’ve ever heard?

It might also be a little kismet as Miranda is writing songs for the Live-Action Little Mermaid movie

6. Daveed Diggs IS Sebastian- How’s That For a Hamilton and Disney Connection?

In the same Little Mermaid production, Diggs, who plays Marquis Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson in Hamilton, will voice Sebastian. 

He’s also voicing Paul in the Pixar movie, Soul, coming to theaters in November 2020. 

But my favorite Disney-ish tie was watching him play Bow’s brother, Johan, on Blackish.

He was HILARIOUS and this show is incredible. 

Daveed Diggs on Blackish- Hamilton and Disney connections

7. Philippa Soo- Hamilton’s Eliza- Is Also In Disney’s Moana

She doesn’t have a specific part credited, but she is listed as being part of Moana. 

8. Leslie Odom Jr, Who Plays Aaron Burr, Performed On Mickey’s 90th Spectacular TV Special

While he hasn’t been attached to a Disney-specific movie or TV show outside of Hamilton, Odom has a Disney tie as well. 

He was one of the performers during the 2018 Disney and ABC special, Mickey’s 90th Spectacular. 

hamiltons leslie odom jr mickeys spectacular

9. Laurens/Phillip Hamilton- Anthony Ramos- Is In Elena Of Avalor

It looks like he’s only credited in one episode, but the Disney and Hamilton connection lives on with Ramos. 

He voiced Tito in the episode, Team Isa.

10. Hamilton and Disney Connections Continue: Lin-Manuel Is All Over Star Wars

After meeting JJ Abrahms, he casually said he was open to writing music for the cantina. 

He ended up writing 2 songs for 2 different films and even scored a cameo in The Rise of Skywalker as a resistance fighter. 

Hamilton and Disney connections: Lin Manuel Miranda cameo in Rise of Skywalker

11. And He Also Starred In Mary Poppins Returns!

Miranda was living out his dreams when he had the chance to play Jack in Mary Poppins Returns. 

Dancing and singing in a Disney musical, playing a part similar to the iconic Dick Van Dyke?

Disney-fan goals, amirite?!

hamilton and disney connections: miranda and dick van dyke

Have any more Disney and Hamilton connections? Comment and we’ll add them to the post!

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