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Princess Half Marathon 2015 Race Recap

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I ran my 5th Princess Half Marathon in February.  Wow- that’s the first time I’ve typed it out!  My my, time (and money out of my wallet) sure does fly!

As my BRF Amy said, “If my husband could turn back time, he might start with the day I decided to run the Princess Half Marathon.”

Because it’s been all runDisney ever since.

Sorry, honey.

We’ve gotten to the point where it’s been built into our annual budget.  I’m going, it’s happening, we all know it.  Since it falls conveniently around my birthday every year it works out as the perfect present for this Princess.

The DisBroads were back- at least most of us!  And once again we chose to run in a group theme costume, even though we broke into a couple of different pace groups.

When the Broads settled on Nemo as the theme, well, Nemo had to represent.  I reused one of my favorite costumes for this race.


I was so proud of our Peach.  This was Wendy’s first time dressing up for a race and she looked mahvelous!

Julie & April, however, NAILED it in the costume department. We had Darla and the Diver (P. Sherman)- both getting many shout-outs along the course.

Once again, Julie was by my side.  Because: slow is how we go!  And we are totally ok with that.

We were joined by Diane (our buddy from the 10K) and April (not quite in race shape after baby).  Around mile 3 we picked up Piya, one of my online friends and had a happy group of 5 running the course together!

PHM 2015 1

We stuck with the 15-second run 45-second walk intervals that worked so well the day before.  Diane let us know that she wasn’t paying attention to the “Run!” “Walk!” commands I shouted, so we changed that part up.

I now shouted “Justin!” when it was time to run and “Timberlake!” when it was time to walk.  THAT got Diane-the-fan’s attention!

Did yall see this?  Oh my- someone was having a bad day!



There’s not much to tell as far as the race this time around.  We all talked, walked and ran a little.

And, of course, we stopped for a lot of pictures!



phm 15 15

And clearly had a terrible time! Ha ha ha!

We ran into some of the best costumes I’ve seen at the Princess this year.  People really stepped it up!

I loved this.



And this:  Olaf Trooper and Elsa.

So clever!


But the winners of the costume contest (if there was one) was pretty clear.

The #PrincessMen won it ALL!

We ran into them at the end of Epcot and they promised to stick around after the race for pictures.   A fun group of guys and gals (not pictured but equally clever costumes) who ran the entire race in gender swapped roles.

#PrincessMen  They WILL be back for 2016!

#PrincessMen They WILL be back for 2016!

Too much fun- and so glad to hear they will be back.

The castle was backed up- again- this year.  This time it appeared to be due to a Disney Parks Blog picture opp.  We stopped for a picture but did not make the cut!

Ah well- will work on my verticle leap for next year.

We did get this practically perfect castle picture though.

phm 15 14

I love my Broads!

Sarge gave me the extra boost of confidence I needed to GET UP THAT HILL!


Once you make it up this overpass at mile 10, you are pretty much good to finish as long as you just keep swimming!

This year my most favorite sight on the course were my friends Sarah and Rosie.  They are lovely ladies I know from one of my online groups- and most importantly, they had DONUTS.


I was feeling pretty drained and getting hot.  The humidity was at 93% when we started that morning and my Arizona blood really noticed it

It was just what I needed to push through the last mile.

That donut- best. thing. ever.

Diane and I were ready for this one:


That’s right: the cruise was calling our names!

After the race, we waddled over to Epcot.

phm 15 6

The fun part of this particular costume idea?

Picture opps specific to the theme.

phm 15 11

Thanks to the faster Broads for waiting around for Julie & I to finish!

It was a slow weekend thanks to being TOTALLY unprepared, but one of my favorite Princess weekends to date.  Running with old and new friends in the Most Magical Place on Earth is something I look forward to doing for years on end!

If all this looks like fun to you, be sure to be online TOMORROW at 9 am PT/Noon ET.  That’s when registration for the 2016 race goes on sale.

Are you joining me at the Princess Half Marathon in 2016? 

Sharing is caring!


Sunday 20th of September 2015

Did you make your costume? I'm looking for a Nemo costume for the upcoming Walt Disney Marathon. Love yours!


Sunday 20th of September 2015

I did! I ordered the vinyl to iron on.

Tammy Cappolina

Monday 13th of July 2015

My first one was this past year (2015). It's the coolest thing I've ever done! I wish I could go again in 2016 but just can't afford it. Saving my money for 2018 though! I'm thinking the 10th anniversary will be extra special!