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Dwarfish-Giganticus: Artemis Fowl Movie Quotes From Mulch Diggums

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Artemis Fowl movie quotes: Mulch Diggums steals the show. And a few other things since he’s a criminal, but really, he gets the best lines in the movie! From Frozen 2 Olaf quotes to Mulch Diggums quotes, Josh Gad always brings the laughs. 

best artemis fowl movie quotes by mulch diggums josh gad

Dwarfish-Giganticus: Artemis Fowl Movie Quotes From Mulch Diggums

Is Artemis Fowl safe for kids?

For the most part yes- but what will stand out to them are the funny lines from one Mulch Diggums. 

Mulch is played by Josh Gad, and he’s hardly recognizable with all the makeup and hair applied to play this role. 

But the voice, the comedic timing, the deadpan lines: all Gad and a lot of fun!

Here are some of the best Artemis Fowl movie quotes from Mulch Diggums. 

best artemis fowl movie quotes from mulch diggums josh gad

Mulch Diggums Artemis Fowl Movie Quotes

1. We want to know everything about the man you work for. – Police
The man? Oh, no. This isn’t about the father. This is about the son. Artemis Fowl. – Mulch Diggums

2. When he was 9 he cloned a goat and named it Bruce. Weird choice, but he’s an unusual kid. – Mulch Diggums

3. Oh no, they’re just as real as you- diverse and strange and beautiful. – Mulch Diggums

4. Mulch Diggums. Just a talented giant dwarf. 

5. This just got awkward. – Mulch Diggums

6. Under no circumstances were you to ever call him The Butler, even though his last name was in fact, Butler. You could call him Dom or Domavoi, or ‘very large man in a suit.’ But call him The Butler and he’d snap you in half. – Mulch Diggums

7. Less of a plan, more like a lifestyle choice. – Mulch Diggums

8. Has anyone ever told you you’re like David Bowie? If David Bowie was a fairy? So essentially- you’re David Bowie? Do you think the humans will ever find out he was one of us? – Mulch Diggums

best artemis fowl movie quotes from mulch diggums josh gad

9. Do not ask him for a ride. I learned that the hard way. – Mulch Diggums

10. I am so much more than a criminal- technically most of what I do is criminal activity, but I’m also an artist. – Mulch Diggums

11. Clap your hands if you believe in fairies. – Mulch Diggums

12. Most human beings are afraid of gluten, how do you think they’d handle goblins? – Mulch Diggums

13. Your skin may be fireproof, but what about your brain? – Mulch Diggums

14. If I was going to be manipulated, it might as well be by the best. And make no mistake: the kid is the best. – Mulch Diggums

best artemis fowl movie quotes from mulch diggums josh gad

15. Do not underestimate the kid. – Mulch Diggums

16. When you’re that unusual, you’re gonna stick out.- Mulch Diggums

17. I walk out on my own, and you leave the Fowls alone forever. So you can all sleep at night knowing that the fairy tales you tell your kids remain beautiful dreams and not living nightmares. And next time you see the Fowls, be sure to thank them for protecting us all. – Mulch Diggums

18. I hope you don’t get squeamish. – Mulch Diggums

artemis fowl movie poster and quotes

What’s Artemis Fowl About?

Disney’s “Artemis Fowl,” based on the beloved book by Eoin Colfer, is a fantastical, spellbinding adventure that follows the journey of 12-year-old genius Artemis Fowl, a descendant of a long line of criminal masterminds, as he desperately tries to save his father who has been kidnapped.

In order to pay his ransom, Artemis must infiltrate an ancient, underground civilization—the amazingly advanced world of fairies—and bring the kidnapper the Aculos, the fairies’ most powerful and coveted magical device.

To locate the elusive object, cunning Artemis concocts a dangerous plan—so dangerous that he ultimately finds himself in a perilous war of wits with the all-powerful fairies.

Run Time: 1hour 35 minutes

Rating: PG

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movie quotes from artemis fowl from mulch diggums

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