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What Could runDisney Races Look Like This Year?

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Runers: we’re still signing up for races and hoping to toe the line this fall. 2020 insanity going on? Pfffttt… that doesn’t stop a runner from dreaming of PRs and bling. But this leaves the question: what could runDisney races look like this year? Track Shack in Orlando just published some guidelines that might tell us what to expect from a future runDisney event

runDisney marathon weekend 2021 artwork

What Could runDisney Races Look Like This Year?

2020 has been W-I-L-D, amirite? 

And it’s only halfway over, so my guess is there’s more to this roller coaster of a year to come. 

One question that has come up time and again in the runDisney circles: what will races look like in 2020-2021?

It’s a fair question and one that has provided hours of discussion in Facebook groups and Twitter threads. 

We finally have some possible answers thanks to Track Shack, Orlando’s premiere race director, sharing their safety protocols.

Track Schack has a big role in the runDisney events, so it’s safe to consider that these changes could be implemented on a Disney racecourse in the future. 

what could runDisney races look like in 2020/2021 due to Covid concerns?

Track Shack Safety Protocols

Important notes about these protocols: we don’t know for sure if this will be how runDisney is set up.

I repeat: nothing has been announced or shared directly from Walt Disney World about the 2020 Wine and Dine race weekend or any of the weekends in 2021. 

But as a long term partner with runDisney, it’s likely Track Shack will influence the way races are run. Runners should start preparing for these guidelines for future events. 

  • Masks will be worn pre and post-event. You will not need to run with it on, but you should carry it with you and be prepared to re-mask after the race. Walt Disney World has announced that masks will be worn at re-opening, including face coverings for children over the age of 3. Check these tips to help kids wear masks.
  • All staff and volunteers will wear PPE
  • Spectators are not allowed except in instances where accompanying a minor or runner needing assistance.
  • Bring your own water bottle or hydration vest.
  • Water will be provided self-serve at the water stop(s) to refill devices.
  • Portopotties will have attendants, door handles sanitized and handwashing stations accessible.
runners square port a potties

Private port-a-potties at runners square.

Physical Distancing at a runDisney Event

  • Physical distancing will be maximized in runner-only areas. Think expos and portapottie lines with taped off areas to stand.
  • Races will be capped and size restrictions in place. Marathon Weekend’s quick sell-out definitely felt the effects of limited bib availability.
  • No gear check will be available at this time. 
  • Rolling start lines will be utilized to promote physical distancing at races. This may not be a specific change for runDisney since we have that process with the corral system already, but it might end up looking a little different for the next race. 
  • Not mentioned in these protocols: character stops. Runners should consider that socially distanced characters may be the best we get at this year’s races. 
rundisney start line for the wine and dine half marathon weekend

(Oct. 31- Nov. 3, 2019): Nearly 48,000 runners lined up for race events during the 10th annual Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend powered by Aftershokz at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. This popular culinary-themed race weekend is the first in the 2019-2020 runDisney season, taking place during Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. The 27th annual Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend is next on the runDisney calendar, taking place Jan. 8-12, 2020.

Kids Races Suspended By Track Shack

This one jumped out for obvious reasons. 

Track shack will suspend kids races at this time and will encourage races to be run virtually at home instead. 

Since the runDisney kids’ races for Marathon Weekend did NOT go on sale with the other races, this might be an indication that runDisney is also going to adopt this plan. 

Again: this is not an official runDisney policy at this time, but it could be the way things are headed.  

rundisney kids race girl running in costume

You can find the full safety policy from Track Shack here

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