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Disneyland 10K: Where to Find the Real Bathrooms

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guide to 10K bathrooms

It’s not a secret around here: you need a potty at Disney, I’m your girl.

Since I’ve been going to the parks with kids for over 12 years now, I’ve developed a 6th sense for finding the nearest bathroom.

This skill is extremely handy on the course of a runDisney race.  One of the biggest perks of running through the parks is using the real bathrooms.

When you gotta go, you need to know where the closest bathroom is so you can be in and out as fast as you can!

potty sign


Disneyland 10K Bathrooms

This map comes from my Garmin.  I added the smiley happy faces to indicated where the bathrooms are approximately located.

10K DL map garmin bathrooms

1.  You enter the park near Cars Land.  The first bathrooms will be located behind Flo’s Diner.  If you are running in a group this might be a good time to have someone stand in line while you head to the potty.  Multitasking is the key to a successful runDisney race!

2.  Your next best option is the bathrooms right by the Carousel and California Screamin’.  I stopped here last year as Jessie and Woody were located in the same area.  My family stood in the character line while I made a quick pit stop.  By the time I was finished it was time to meet the cowboys!

DL 10K 7

3.  I included the Paradise Gardens bathrooms but really these are a bit off course.  Just know they are there in an emergency!

4.  When you turn left at Ariel’s Grotto your next potty will be on your right just before you turn at Grizzly River Rapids.

5.  Directly across from Soarin’ is another bathroom.

6.  Bathrooms are also found on the right near Animation Academy on Hollywood Boulevard.

7.  When you enter Disneyland you should be able to find a bathroom near the entrance.  It’s behind Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.

8.  Down Main Street USA you can go left or right to bathrooms middle of the street. Be sure to read some of the windows along Main St as you run by!


9.  Your next stop should be as you loop back through Toontown.

The restroom there will be the only option as I don’t remember seeing any choices while back stage.

Toon Town bathroom

10.  The next stop is between Frontier Land and Adventure Land.  This will be to your immediate left as you come off the Hub and into Frontier Land.

11.  And the final in the park option will be under the Hungry Bear Restaurant near the Winnie the Pooh ride.

12 & 13.  Once you leave the parks you will run through Downtown Disney a bit and there are at least 2 more bathroom options on the path.  I wouldn’t recommend trying to cross the crowds to get to them, however, as this is one of the locations where there was great crowd support on the course.

Here’s the most recent maps from the parks as a guide as well.

DL Maps Bathrooms Collage

Hope this information helps you plan any stops you might need for your Disneyland 10K!

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Do you avoid the Port-O-Potties on the race course?

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Monday 2nd of March 2015

Thank you so much for this detailed post! I will be running the Tinkerbell 10k for the first time, and will also be 7 months pregnant by that point, sooo I'm anticipating many bathroom breaks along the way. :)


Thursday 21st of August 2014

Great post! I HATE port-a-potties so the fact that Disney has real bathrooms is definitely a plus!

Christine @ The Polka-Dotted Mouse

Saturday 16th of August 2014

I desperately try to avoid using port-o-potties wherever I am, but generally if I can be one of the FIRST to use one, then I'll make an exception. The other problem is there are no lights in a port-o-potty so when I used one at the Tink Half in the early morning, I had to fumble around in the dark! I would ideally want to avoid the bathrooms altogether, but something about that nervous energy during a race always makes me want to go! :X


Thursday 14th of August 2014

Greetings again fellow blog hop! By far my most favorite post of the blog hop. I have the bladder size of a peanut, so I always like to plan where the restroom stops will be on the race course! Thanks so much for the excellent information!


Wednesday 13th of August 2014

I love being able to stop in "real" bathrooms during Disney races! : )