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The Ultimate Disney Bernie Sanders Inauguration Meme Collection

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Disney fans are known to take their favorite meme and add some pixie dust. And they did not disappoint when it came to the Disney Bernie Sanders Inauguration memes. You love to see it. From his puffer jacket to his striped mittens and the manilla folder in between: Bernie Sanders was a whole mood at the Biden Inauguration. Here are some of the best Disney Bernie Sanders Inauguration Memes to come out of this historic day. (ps- the Obama Biden memes from 2016 are still great fun!)

Disney Bernie Sanders Inauguration Memes Dumbo Disney memes

Biden/Harris Inauguration January 20, 2021

It was a very big morning as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris was sworn into office.

We had coats, we had flags, we had Gaga, J-Lo and Garth Brooks.

Michelle Obama did not play with her stunning maroon cashmere and curls.

And we had the amazing Amanda Gorman stealing all the air from the entire ceremony with her poem, The Hill We Climb.

But most of all: we had Senator Bernie Sanders sitting in his puffer jacket, watching the whole thing go down off by himself, and waiting until he could get back to the business of running the country.

Disney Bernie Sanders inauguration memes and Muppets

So clearly we had memes.

And Disney fans did not disappoint with their own touches.

And he’s a whole mood, y’all.

The best Disney Bernie Sanders Inauguration memes, yall!

Disney bernie sanders memes Castle

The Best Disney Bernie Sanders Inauguration Memes

I laughed way too hard at these, y’all.

Disney bernie sanders memes splash mountain
Credit: IG @hellokelleyo – also has an Etsy small Shop @mouseandmagicdesigns
Bernie Disney memes cantina
Credit: IG @hellokelleyo – also has an Etsy small Shop @mouseandmagicdesigns
bernie disney memes jungle cruise
Credit: IG @hellokelleyo – also has an Etsy small Shop @mouseandmagicdesigns
bernie sanders inauguration disney memes dinosaur
Credit: IG @hellokelleyo – also has an Etsy small Shop @mouseandmagicdesigns
Bernie Sanders Inuaguration Memes Disney Haunted Mansion
Disney Bernie Sanders Inauguration memes people mover
Disney Memes Bernie and UP
Disney Bernie Sanders Memes from Inauguration
bernie disney meme frozen
bernie disney meme star wars
wandavision bernie meme
bernie sanders disney memes roy disney
disney bernie sanders memes carousel of progress

I howled way too long at some of these Disney Bernie Sanders inauguration memes.

Disney peeps are SO good at the meme game and remain undefeated.

rundisney Bernie memes
Credit: Joi Honer

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Hysterical! Some people are so creative, and I love that they have extra time on their hands to make everyone laugh.