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Can’t runDisney? How About ‘pelotonDisney’! | List of Peloton Disney Classes

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Remember when we all laughed and laughed at the Peloton Christmas commercial? Well, look who’s laughing now! Peloton bikes & treads have taken over the exercise world. Can’t runDisney right now? Pick something from this list of Peloton Disney classes for your next ride or run. Affiliate links are included in this post.

The Answer To Your runDisney Blues: Peloton Disney Runs & Rides

We can all agree that 2020 changed lives and turned the world upside down.

That included closure of theme parks and cancellations of in-person runDisney races.

The runDisney community was left to fill spaces on their training and race calendars with other obsessions.

Enter Peloton.

And Cody. (Because who doesn’t love Cody, Hey Boo!)


If you were lucky enough to nab a bike- and have it delivered– chances are 2020 was a whole new world of experiences in the saddle.

My bike arrived in November and I was quick to search out the Peloton Disney classes out there.

Here are just a few to get you on the bike and singing along!

peloton classes for rundisney runners

List of Peloton Disney Classes

Ready to ride or run with Peloton?

Let’s do this!

Do you have a favorite Peloton Disney ride or run that we missed? Leave us the info in the comments and we’ll get it added on!

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Peloton bike disney classes

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Looking to order your bike or treadmill?

Cmon, everyone is doing it!

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peloton disney classes

I’m ready to take more Peloton Disney classes, aren’t you?!

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