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2016 Star Wars Dark Side Event Guide, Maps and Corrals

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SW 2016 event guide

Did you feel that?  An awakening has happened at runDisney…

Maybe awakening is too nice.  I’m sure it’s more like freaking out, because, yet again, someone on the internet found the event guide before it was ready to be released publicly.

It wasn’t me, I swear.

However, I did have a friend send the guide to me.  I’ve taken a looksy and it’s interesting, to say the least.

(By the way, this information can be found in just about every runDisney themed Facebook group. But not everyone is in every Facebook group, so here you go.)

Course maps:

Sw half map wdw

SW 10K map wdw

SW 5K map WDW

I am going to go ahead and say this now: the half and 10K are going to be a cluster unless you are in corrals A-C and don’t stop for pictures.

The only caveat here is if the early morning start is because runDisney plans to have the corrals leave 10 minutes apart on the half day.

We run through the same very narrow and tiny path from Boardwalk to Hollywood Studios that you do for Wine and Dine and Marathon.

I repeat: Narrow.  14,000ish runners meeting in tiny and narrow space does not sound magical to me, yall.  It’s not as bad for the other races because you had time to spread out before hitting that path, but we find this bottleneck pretty early in both Star Wars races.

The event guide shows A-L corrals, so this race isn’t as big as Princess or Donald, but it’s still a decent size.  I believe that’s about the same as Wine and Dine.

ETA 3.23.16

Corral info

First, get your waiver from this link.  You will get the bib number off the bottom of the form. 

 And this is cool.

SW photopass Darks Side

Pretty sweet, right?  If you are an Annual Passholder guess what:  BONUS free pictures at your races now.

Can’t say I’m hating on that news!

What do you think of the courses? 

Sharing is caring!


Saturday 26th of March 2016

I am excited about the course, this will be my first 10K so I am probably not going to worry about taking pictures anyway, I am just going to focus on finishing the race.

Juliana Calhoun

Thursday 17th of March 2016

i definitely think it will bottleneck there as well. I have never made it through that path at more than a walk (WD 2014, WDWM 2015, WD2015). i really think they will limit the characters in Epcot (maybe 2, maybe 1 on the boardwalk) to try and get peopel through that area quickly.

photopass should be awesome though!


Thursday 17th of March 2016

I think you are right about the characters. There won't be many in Epcot in an effort to keep people moving through!