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No Rudy?! runDisney, Baby, What Are You Doing?

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I’m usually pretty ok with change when it comes to runDisney and the race weekends. It happens, everything changes and shifts, and I get that. But the news just hit that long-time race announcer Rudy Novotny will not be returning to the Walt Disney World runDisney races. And it… well, it hurts, guys. 

rudy novotny race announcer

The familiar voice of Rudy Novotny won’t be kicking off the runDisney 2019-2020 race season. Or any race season at Walt Disney World in the future, it seems. 

Check on your runDisney friends: we’re not ok. 

Rudy Novotny Will Not Return to runDisney As Race Announcer

Look, I’m pretty easy going with most changes that come in the runDisney world. Except for that time I pitched a fit over Tinker Bell… but we’ll let that go for now since that race doesn’t even exist anymore. Ahem. 

I know business choices are made and sometimes as a fan it sucks, but, I try to look at it from a business perspective. 

But this? This one just hurts. Flat out hurts and feels like runDisney is tearing away the fabric of family that the community has built. 

A decision has been made and communicated to Rudy that he would no longer be announcing the races at Walt Disney World.

And guys? I’m not ok. 

Here’s Rudy’s announcement from Facebook: 



Rudy has been the voice of every. single. runDisney race I’ve run at Walt Disney World. 

He started me on my running journey when I was pregnant and waddling through the first Princess 5K. He was there when I managed to cross the finish line for the runDisney marathon. 

Hearing his voice call our names is what gave us this runDisney feeling at the Star Wars Rival Run 5K weekend finish. 

He is part of the community, not just an announcer.

He asks for birthday shout outs and requests on social media before each race and remembered you year after year. 

I can’t pretend to know why, but I do know that I don’t like it. And it hurts- in a way that surprises me because I didn’t think runDisney could surprise me by their choices anymore. 

Rudy will be missed- deeply. Sincerely. And by every runner who has ever crossed the start of a runDisney race. 

No Rudy?! runDisney, Baby, What Are You Doing?

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