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Inaugural Star Wars 10K Race Recap

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So what if it’s been 5 months since we ran this 10K?  I planned it this way- just in time for you to get excited to register for 2016!

Errr… or something like that.

SW 10K

Actually I pretty much forgot about writing this one!  Blogger fail.

Here are the recaps of the 5K and the Half to refresh your memory.  I just re-read them and sure enough, I was contemplating signing up for the 5K AS I READ THIS.

Staaahhhhppp.  You do NOT need to #RunAllTheRaces, Shenanigans.

Maybe if I keep repeating that I’ll actually stay OFF the computer tomorrow morning!

So let’s get onto the recap of the 10K.  It was the first stop in obtaining the Rebel Challenge medal.

SW 10K 2


I made a controversial decision when it came to costuming.

And thanks to Time Hop, discovered the irony of my choice after the fact.

jar jar 1


I was going for something different and apparently found it in Jar Jar Binks.  I didn’t see another like me out on the 10K course, and even Buzzfeed picked up on that fact.

Meesa thinks yousa should ALL be Jar Jar next year, okee-day?

Pre-race I found some Jedi, a princess, and my FastPasses.

SW 10K 3

SW 10K 5

SW 10K 4

The costumes were just fabulous all weekend long. I almost wish I had been a spectator because I’d love to share all the great cos-runners on the course!

It was a perfect 50 degrees at the start and I was happy to be running.

My sister was running this one too, but she was starting up in corral A.  I sent her ahead and headed to the back.

I started in the second to last corral for this race. I met up with some friends from one of my online running groups and we chatted a bit about pace and how we planned to complete this race.

SW 10K 6

All three of us had our own plans when it came to intervals and expectations, but the funny part was our overall pace ended up being very similar.   In fact, I met up with Andrea during the final stretch and we finished together!

My plan was to stay steady and keep moving.  I wasn’t planning to stop for pictures and I wasn’t planning on going for any specific time.

Just do it and all that.

SW 10K 7

This course was all new and a ton of fun.  I know many of my friends stated this was their favorite 10K of all the runDisney races offered.

I don’t think it’s my favorite of the 10Ks, but it’s worth running again as part of the challenge.

star wars 10K course

As far as characters on the course, we saw the same long lines and same headliners as the other races: Jedi Knights, Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Storm Troopers, Chewbacca, and Sabine & Ezra from Star Wars Rebels.  Luke & Leia were on one of the courses, but I can’t remember if it was the 10K or the half.

See- this is why I need to write posts right after the race!  Ah well…

In DCA, I appreciated seeing little touches like this (just ignore the fact that Frozen threw up all over the place!).

SW 10K 8

Since I was moving pretty consistently I was reduced to grabbing pictures on the fly.  And looking through my pictures it appears I didn’t slow for many!

Boba Fett’s line was pretty impressive.

SW 10K 9

My biggest tip for the Star Wars races: plan to stand in line for a long time if pictures are your goal. Lines were huge- that FastPass costume might have come in handy.

The other option would be to hold off until you run the half.  Pictures with the 501st were much easier to accomplish

I had a surprise reunion with Andrea and some friends from home, and we all crossed the finish line together.


This race had a few hills (or overpasses as most people call them!) at the front half of the race- similar to the start of the Tinker Bell Half Marathon.  Other than that it’s a flat course full of park time!

And the bling is ah-mazing!


Two weeks ago I signed up for the Rebel Challenge again.  I see Rebel as the one challenge series I’ll continue to run every year- or at least every year that I can get registered for it!

On that note- don’t forget that the Star Wars weekend races are on sale Tuesday morning.  Here are some helpful tips to make sure you have the best chance to register for any of these three experiences.

Tips Star Wars 1

What is your favorite runDisney 10K?  Does the Star Wars 10K rank high on your list?

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Monday 15th of June 2015

I want to do the 10k to get that Stormtrooper medal. RD is not allowed to change the design until I can get one.

Erika Whitney

Monday 15th of June 2015

It's too bad, for the purposes of the Star Wars race bibs, you aren't allowed to choose "jedi" or "sith" during registration, like you used to be able to pick your princess for PHM, that would've been a neat little extra.

Judy@ Chocolaterunsjudy

Monday 15th of June 2015

Never ran Disney & probably never will. Only running 1 half in each state means you gotta be choosy. The wine & dine one sounds fun, but I'm so not an evening person & my husband doesn't like crowds (although he does like Star Wars).

I have also never taken a photo in a race - my pace is slow enough already!

That bling is great!