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Remember That Time I Went To Disneyland…

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So I went to Disneyland. And never finished telling you about it.

Yeeeaaahhhhhh…. about that…..

I am a bad blogger.  I had grand intentions, day by day, photos and stories, it was going to be EPIC! 

Tinker Bell Half Marathon Sign

And well, they just didn’t pan out.  You know the drill:  kids, school, work, household, new TV season.  Excuse excuse excuse.

And by admitting I’m a bad blogger I probably lost all 4 of my followers not related to me right there.  (Rob has to read this because he LOOOOVVEESSS me!)  But hey- honesty is rare on the internet- and I try to be honest if nothing else!

So yeah- to sum up Disneyland August 2012:  it was good.  Not great, not epic, not even totally 100% magical.  But it was good.  Loved spending time with my sisters and mom, my nephews and nieces are awesome. 

Fast forward through life and guess what— I went back to Disneyland. 

And. It. Was. MAGICAL. 

Last June I registered for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon  My friend ran the inaugural race in 2012 and reported back that it was pretty amazing.  With a medal like this- how could it NOT be?


rundisney tinker bell 2013 medal


Previously I gloated shared that I was invited to Club 33 after the race.  There will be a full blown blog to rub it in discussing my experience coming soon.  I know I know- my blogging has been spotty at best.  But really.  I mean it. 

This trip was too good to keep to myself!

The entire weekend was so incredible that I am not sure any Disney trip in the future can top what I experienced this January.  I’m going to try, of course!  But it was pretty great.

To sum up the Tink weekend of 2013:  Galloway Meet Up, Paradise Pier Hotel awesomeness, April 2005 West Coast Moms Reunion, cousins, fabulous picture filled run, INCREDIBLE celebration at Club 33,  Walk in Walt’s Footsteps- including his apartment!- and one last hurrah with late fast pass usage.  I pledge to post full reports before I leave for the Princess Half Marathon in 10 days.  I mean it.  Really. Pinkie swear!

Next posting will be all about the incredible experience of getting into and participating in the runDisney Jeff Galloway Meet Up.

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Calling Shenanigans

Saturday 16th of February 2013

HA HA- glad I'm not the only one! I am so bad about this. But I'm trying to get better. So much awesomeness needs to be shared! Writing my recap tomorrow of the meet up since I have it on the brain! Then on to Club 33. <3 Mac and cheese. yummmmm! I'll check your blog out too!


Friday 15th of February 2013

HA! I love this post.. because I too have big dreams about my blog... come check it out.. couch2disney STILL haven't put up marathon weekend!! lol

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