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2019 Princess Half Marathon Medals

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I’ve always loved the Princess half marathon, in part because they bring it with the medals. This year? I think I love them even more. Check out the 2019 Princess Half Marathon medals and swoon with me!

This week on Tuesdays on the run, we have a free week.

So I’m sharing the runDisney Princess Half marathon weekend medals.

I personally dig the direction and change that runDisney is taking this. But there are some folks who are not thrilled with the medals. 

Not thrilled at all. I took a peep in some of the runDisney Facebook groups and I am not in the majority on this!

So take a peek- let me know what you think- and let me know how a race medal affects your preparation (or not!)

The Princess Half Marathon was my first weekend of runDisney back in 2011. 

Ever since then, we’ve seen some sweet bling come to those that love to race in tiaras and tutus. Or not. Not everyone has to be Princessy at the Princess!

But this year, I’m kinda digging all the Princess vibes that Disney is putting out. 


Nap Queen Compy Princess Shirts Ralph Breaks the Internet


From the comfy Princess shirts (ps a great race costume idea! Don’t let me down!) to all the Ralph Breaks the Internet princess easter eggs, they’ve become a new obsession!

And I really love these Princess Half Marathon medals this year.


2019 Princess Half Marathon Medals

Elena of Avalor on the 5K Medal

I know there are so many little girls that have been just waiting for her to make an appearance. I hope she’s out on the course (or afterward for pics!)


2019 Princess 5K medal with Elena of Avalor


Mulan on the 10K Medal

Mulan is pretty much a top 3 princess for me. And that has nothing to do with my fangirl obsession with Ming-Na Wen. 

Okay, maybe a little. 

But Mulan on the 10K? YES. 


2019 Princess 10K medal Mulan


Aurora on the Half Marathon Medal

Look how great that flowing hair looks as she’s racing to the finish!

LOVE LOVE LOVE (but not enough to run a half again haaaa! Keeping it real!)


2019 Princess Half Marathon medal Aurora


Jasmine on the Challenge Medal

Holy smokes- this one is perfect! I love the color, I love the image of Jasmine in flight… I love it all!

Challenge runners: this one is bad A! 


2019 Princess Challenge medal Jasmine


How Can You Run the Princess Half Marathon Races?

Now the Million Dollar Question: Do you have bibs for these races, Patty?

We might- if you’re in need, please send me an email ASAP and let me know. I’ll see what kind of pixie dust I can find for you!


2 Night room and 2-day ticket purchase (except for AP holders). We can’t waive that or make exceptions; runDisney’s rules, not ours. 

So please let me know if you need assistance and can abide by the above. 

[email protected]

Happy running, Princesses! 


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Thursday 31st of January 2019

[…] While I’m SURE you haven’t missed these, because they are adorable, check out the 2019 Princess Half Marathon Medals.  […]


Tuesday 27th of November 2018

I actually love them. (except the 5k because I haven't seen that show? Movie? Whatever.)the designs make it look like the princesses are running the race, not just cheering from the sidelines.

Montana @ Pretty Lil Mudder

Tuesday 27th of November 2018

I knew Jasmine would make an appearance with the release of the live action Aladdin in May! But damn she's on the challenge medal. I was just planning on doing the half. But now I want to do the challenge. Jasmine is one of my favorite princesses.


Tuesday 27th of November 2018

Love the half marathon medal. It's not a deciding factor for me in signing up for a race, but I do like to receive a pretty medal when I finish.

Lisa @ Mile by Mile

Tuesday 27th of November 2018

I don't sign on for a race because of the medal, but it works out well when the medal is nice! I like the half and challenge medals!