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How Much Do I Love @runDisney

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Let me Tweet the ways!  I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again:

Last night was the Tower of Terror 10-Miler.  And I was glued to the Twitter feed since Friday “watching” the race from my house.  runDisney kept up an amazingly fun stream of banter, wackiness, and encouragement for everyone brave enough to enter… the Twilight Zone.*cue the music*

They were “punny.”

This morning the #HappyHaunted5K was “Incredible” & now just a few short hours until the #Tower10Miler!
— runDisney (@runDisney) October 5, 2013

@WendyMcVey1 That’s ok. We’re not even sure what time zone The Twilight Zone™ is in! Good luck and have a great race.
— runDisney (@runDisney) October 5, 2013

@krissymmurphy Have a haunting good time when you drop in The Hollywood Tower Hotel. Call #1313 for room service.
— runDisney (@runDisney) October 5, 2013

@Fribblenik Well, I’ve been around Maleficent a lot and I know she would not let that happen. Safety is the #1 concern, so you will be great
— runDisney (@runDisney) October 5, 2013

We’d love to RT some selfies for the Disney motor coaches! Send us some!
— runDisney (@runDisney) October 5, 2013

My own bus to #Tower10Miler… I must be running late! Don’t worry, @runDisney, I’ll still be dropping in!
— Todd Palino ツ (@bonkoif) October 6, 2013

I think this guy’s was my favorite response- he had a private coach!  Swank.

I got in on the act, with a couple other friends with #sadfaceselfies who couldn’t make the race.

@brandi1369 @runDisney here’s my “I’m running but this ain’t Disney #Tower10Miler#uglycry selfie
— Patty (@longhorns2) October 5, 2013

I honestly spent way too much time on Twitter cracking up.  (But then again, is there a really such a thing as spending too much time on Twitter?  Don’t answer that!)

@MandersD22 I think the spirits at The Hollywood Tower Hotel are having a party.  But I can’t confirm that. #Tower10Miler
— runDisney (@runDisney) October 6, 2013

And this one

He’s all smiles now… #Tower10Miler
— runDisney (@runDisney) October 5, 2013

They doled out a healthy dose of inspiration too!

“The only time you see the obstacles is when you you take your eyes off the goal.” #Tower10Miler
— runDisney (@runDisney) October 5, 2013

And I wasn’t the only one who noticed.

I want to give a huge shout out to @runDisney ‘s tweeters this week. You guys have been phenomenal!!! #YouRock #Tower10Miler
— Mary Jo Collins (@MoJoDisney) October 6, 2013

I enjoy all that @runDisney tweets today! Well done everyone! Been reading @runDisney tweets all day #Tower10Miler seems like a lot of fun..adding this to the bucket list
— rodzilla (@rodzilla9) October 6, 2013

@CPherson3 @runDisney I thought the same thing after seeing everyone’s tweets!!! I wanna be there!
— Bethany Starr (@bstarr17) October 5, 2013

Prediction:  Tower of Terror 10-Miler has a much quicker sellout next year.
You heard it here first.  And I promise you, Twitter had a lot to do with it!  This is exactly what happened to me with last years Wine and Dine.  I watched all my pals run it via Twitter, watched runDisney hype it, and guess who’s going to be there in 32 days?  Yep.  This girl.
Personally, I think this runDisney Tweeter needs a raise!  The #DisBroads agree.

I am loving the tweets @runDisney #NeedsARaise Too fun this morning.  #Tower10Miler #hauntedtrails5k
— DisBroads (@DisBroads) October 5, 2013

Congrats to all the runners this weekend!  You were amazing!  What about you?  Did you get inspired last night watching all the costumes, racing, and excitement unfold online?  Will you be… checking in… next fall?

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Summer I

Sunday 6th of October 2013

runDinsey did a great job with this race! I hadn't really given it a second thought in the past, but now I definitely want to run it!!


Sunday 6th of October 2013

I agree! runDisney's tweets were infectious last night! The power of Twitter...why do you think the #DisBroads are running #WineDineHalf? :)


Sunday 6th of October 2013

Exactly. I am your pawn Twitter... you can talk me into anything in 140 characters or less apparently.

Gayle Turner

Sunday 6th of October 2013

I'm right there with ya sister! Watching my bib run the race without me lol!


Sunday 6th of October 2013

I'm sure it had a lovely time Gayle. See you at Tink!

Jennifer K.

Sunday 6th of October 2013

Some of the costumes were pretty impressive. I'm going to have to step up my game for WDW and Tink! I like your "I'm not there" pic. That could start a whole new Twitter trend.


Sunday 6th of October 2013

Jennifer I was afraid it would start trending. lol That would have been depressing. But I don't have *quite* that kind of following yet. ha ha ha. The costumes were phenomenal! I agree- I need to get to working on mine. I hadn't thought about lights- but I want to GLOW and SHINE at Wine & Dine.


Sunday 6th of October 2013

Doh- it's actually 32 days! Aaaggghhhhhh!!! lol Going to update the blog info, but no, you aren'r crazy! It's flying by, isn't it?

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