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2017 Princess Half Marathon Corrals, Event Guide, Course Maps

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2017 Princess Half Marathon corrals, event guide and course maps have been released. Are you ready for the royal runDisney treatment? Let’s do this!

The Princesses are coming! The Princesses are coming!

2017 Princess Half Marathon Corrals, Event Guide, Course Maps

First, grab your waiver HERE. When you print it out, you will see your bib number on the bottom of the page.

Your corral can be found on these charts.

Half Marathon

Glass Slipper Challenge

Sorry, there is not a chart for the 10K or the 5K races. runDisney traditionally does not release these.

This is an estimate of the corral release times. It’s been fairly accurate in the past.

Princess Half Marathon corral release times for runDisney at Walt Disney World

Event Guide

Continuing with the all digital approach.

Which I think 3 people like. Ahem.

But here it is.

There’s some good info in there on etiquette, which I think everyone should take a refresher run at!

Course Maps


2017 Princess Half Marathon 5K


2017 Princess Half Marathon 10K Map

Half Marathon

2017 Princess Half Marathon Map

Alright Princesses: we are ready to run!

See you all real soon! 

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