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When a Runner’s Weather Doesn’t Cooperate

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You’d think that running in November would equate to decently low temps.  We are smack in the middle of fall, and that means some cold, dry temps.  Generally.

But a runner’s weather doesn’t cooperate all the time.

Take the southeast for example.  Today friends ran both the Savannah half and full Rock ‘n Roll Marathons as well as the runDisney Wine & Dine 5K & Half Marathon.

All over social media you can find the sweaty & sticky pictures from the morning runners.

Amy is adorable, not gross. Well, maybe a little gross. Love ya girl!

Amy is adorable, not gross. Well, maybe a little gross. Love ya girl!

Gross, y’all.

But that might be the Arizona girl in my talking.

What happens when temperatures are too extreme for running?

Savannah knows.  The race course was cut just past the half way mark and many folks failed to finish the full marathon.

Safety, first, but man, what a bummer.

SAvannah 1

Big props, Rock ‘N Roll, for this one.  It’s a tough call, but I love how they are offering an option to make things a little less sucky for the runners affected.

For Wine & Dine tonight, it’s looking muggy and warm. When I ran it in 2013, that’s what we had as well.

Daytime temps in the high 80s mean that some of that heat will be still on the asphalt the runners will be pounding.

Plus a little rain maybe?  Why not, right?

wine dine weather 1

RunDisney put out the word earlier this week as a warning to runners to take hydration seriously.

Drink up, guys!

I know it’s Wine & Dine, but I hope folks are considering leaving the Wine part until post race.

Wine dine weather

When the weather doesn’t cooperate your plans just have to change.

Because: safety.  Live to run another race.

Drink more, slow down a bit, and maybe try to concentrate on the journey more than the finish.

Good luck tonight, Wine & Dine runners!  I’m cheEARing for you back at home.

wine dine 1

ETA:  Wine & Dine was evacuated due to lightning in the area.  Man, what an unlucky race weekend! 

Thanks for the picture, April!

Thanks for the picture, April!

How do you change your racing plans when the weather is a factor?  Do you have an ideal temperature for racing?

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Lauren Bothwell

Sunday 8th of November 2015

I'll let you know my thoughts on RnR soon =P

I don't tend to adjust for hot races. Granted, I also don't really plan for races in general...I'm not a very good runner haha. I just make sure I wear the least amount of clothing possible and kind of just go by feel.

I heat up A LOT when I run, so I like it to be around 45 but sunny.


Sunday 8th of November 2015

Glad to see April was there, though I hate the weather was not good. I miss April's blog, and hope she is enjoying her break!

Judy @ Chocolaterunsjudy

Sunday 8th of November 2015

I rarely change my plans due to weather (hot) & therefore I suck at hot races. Will I ever learn?

No worries today on that front!

Right around 50 is perfect running weather for me -- not too hot, not too cold, and please no rain (although light rain feels good when it's warm).