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Chris Evans in the Blue Sweater + D23 Expo FAQ for 2022

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We may not be talking about Bruno, but we are definitely still talking about Chris Evans and the blue sweater from D23 Expo 2015.

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It may or may not be THE reason why Patty keeps going back to D23 Expo every other year. You never know when something magical might happen.

d23-evans-mackie-chris evans kevin feige

Theresa and Patty talk about their experiences and some logistics if you are going or interested in D23 Expo for 2022. There have been some changes already announced but we know there will be more as we get closer.

And we are ALL over this one!

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Check out this episode!

Episode Transcript

Patty 0:01
Hey y’all, it’s Patty. If you are looking for those runDisney 101 episodes that I promised, I ran into a bit of a snag. I started updating those and listening to them thinking I could just repurpose [them], but as I listened to the first one, I realized that’s not correct [information] anymore. “Nope, that’s going to confuse people. Mmm… Yeah, we’re not doing that anymore.” In other words, there’s a lot of information that has changed since I first recorded these and I want to make sure you get the most accurate runDisney experiences you can. Therefore, I am re-recording those entire episodes, so it’s going to take me a little bit longer. I hope to have them out very soon for you. But I just wanted to touch base in case you were looking forward to those. They’re coming, it’s just gonna take me a little bit of time to make sure I have everything accurate for you. All right, on with the show! To all who come to our happy place… Welcome to the No-Guilt Disney Podcast – season three! – where we have no guilt about our love for all things Disney.

Jane 1:13
We are three Disney fan girls who never thought that we would be doing this for three years.

Patty 1:21
And here we are! I completely agree with that.

Theresa 1:25
Hello, everyone! My name is Theresa and you can find me on Twitter at @GertieTheDino.

Jane 1:31
I’m Jane and you can find me on Instagram at @RealMousewifeWDW.

Patty 1:37
Hey, y’all! I’m Patty Holliday from and No-Guilt Travel, a travel agency that specializes in Disney and Universal vacations. You can find me on all socials at @NoGuiltLife. As we’ve just mentioned, welcome to season three to year three of the No-Guilt Disney Podcast! I think Facebook memories just served it up yesterday or the day before that that was when we announced that we were a “thing” and that we were live and had episodes. It’s kind of exciting! Hi, ladies! Happy year three!

Theresa 2:01
Thanks for having me back!

Patty 2:08
“We’re all in this together!” Come on, y’all! It’s happening. We’re going to stick this out! It’s been a little bit of a hiatus. I know anybody that listened to me talking about runDisney last week by myself was probably going, “Alright, Patty. Great. But enough of you. Where are the girls? Where’s Theresa? Where’s Jane?”. Both ladies are now talking from their new locations. They each had to move over the holiday timeframe, which was kind of why it took us a while to get back in the swing of things. But I think everyone settled now, yes? We good?

Jane 2:52
Yeah, pretty much!

Theresa 2:53

Patty 2:54
All right. Excellent. Also, a side note with new locations, Theresa has pointed out that she’s living very near a train track. There’s a possibility that you may catch some train noises here and there. We’ll try our best to minimize that and to edit that out as best as we can.

Theresa 3:14
I can’t promise if while I’m talking, you might hear a train horn emphatically agreeing with me in the background, but we will try to catch those!

You know, if I close my eyes, I can see it as the Walt Disney World Railroad.

Exactly! We’re just getting into theme, into the environment.

Patty 3:30

Jane 3:32
Welcome to season three, where we now have sounds.

Theresa 3:37
We’re getting even more professional!

Patty 3:39
Oh, so pro.

Jane 3:43
We won’t make those promises.

Patty 3:47
We decided we’re going to kick off this year with something that is near and dear to both Theresa and I’s hearts. We absolutely geek out and love this topic and we have roped Jane into it for 2022. She is the newcomer to D23 Expo. Theresa and I have some experience and we are going to share our thoughts and talks about that. If you’re not going, get excited enough to follow along with the adventures because D23 Expo is just one of the coolest things that I’ve ever experienced. I’ve done it three times, now this will be my fourth year. Theresa, I think you’re on the same track as me. Maybe you’ve been to one more than me?

Theresa 4:34
No, this will be my third time with an asterisk. 2015 was my first trip to Disneyland, which coincidentally happened to be the same weekend that D23 Expo was happening. Oddly enough – you guys will love this – the one D23 thing I did that year was participating in the 2.3-mile fun run they did before Expo started that day.

Patty 5:00

Theresa 5:00
I did a runDisney thing at D23 Expo without actually going to Expo.

Patty 5:05
That’s crazy.

Theresa 5:06
Who am I?

Patty 5:06
That’s funny that you did that because that was a hot ticket item to get into in the runDisney circle. Look at you go. For anybody who is sitting there going, “Alright, but what’s D23 Expo?”. Let’s talk about what D23 Expo is. Theresa, what’s D23?

Theresa 5:31
D23 is the big fan club for Disney fans, celebrating 1923 [the starting year of the] Walt Disney Company. D23 is where you can come and learn anything relating to Disney. It covers all branches of the company: films, parks, music. They get all into it. If there’s any aspect of Disney that you’re into, D23 has something for you.

Patty 5:59
Absolutely. The “D” obviously stands for Disney and “23” represents 1923, which was the year that Walt Disney made it to California for the first time. D23 Expo is this big, huge fan event. When is it happening this year, Jane?

Jane 6:23
It is happening in September of this year. September 9th, 10th, and 11th. It’ll be held at the Anaheim Convention Center and that’s about all I know. Let me tell everybody how things like this happen. We’re going to text a group text and Patty and Theresa are having a whole conversation. I’m very busy working and being exceptional at my day job, as one is. And all of a sudden, I’m like, “I don’t know what this is, but what do I need to buy?”. That’s what happened. Sign up for this and go buy tickets tomorrow. Okay, that’s what I’m doing.

Theresa 7:08
And that’s what you did. Jane is going to her first D23 Expo! Woo! Jazz hands! I’m totally doing them over here!

Jane 7:08
I’m doing the chair dance.

Patty 7:19
Very excited. Jane, as she’s admitted, knows nothing. She’s going to ask all the questions while we’re having some of these discussions and then Theresa and I will give you our experience. What I think is kind of cool about the three of us in particular talking about D23 Expo is, as Theresa mentioned, there’s something for every member of the Disney fandom at Expo. They are really catering to whatever your geek is. You can get excited about [it] at this event. For me, it’s movies and TV. I love celebrity, I love fangirling, I love all the movies. I go to movie theaters at least once a week. I cried so much when COVID was happening and theaters were closed because I love that experience. I am all about movies or the latest binge shows or whatever is coming out on Disney+. I’m all about it. That’s where kind of my focus ends up being. Theresa, you have a little bit different experience. What do you focus [on at] D23 Expo?

Theresa 8:33
If you have listened to this podcast in the past, this will not come as a shock to you. I am fully there for the Parks and Resorts panels, for the Disney Archives stage, for all of those little bits of Disney history or the interesting pockets of the fandom where this is the one place where you can hear somebody talking about food at Disney. There’s a panel they’ve done in the past where they’ll have the character voices come out and doing things. You’ll have some Imagineers talking about their history with the company. The last time they had a panel named “Disneyland 59: Matterhorn, the Monorail and Submarine Voyage”. They will get into the nitty gritty of any aspect of Disney that you might care about. For me, that is hearing the people who influenced some of these these attractions or seeing some of this original concept art that you don’t have a chance to see anywhere else.

Jane, what are you going for? What did you tell me your main question was?

Jane 9:42
My question was very important. Are there costumes that we can wear? And what can I purchase in merchandise?

Patty 9:56
Jane is the merchandise queen and that was her thing. She was like, “Okay, but are there exclusive things on each day that I need to go for? Or do I need to be there early for this? What do I need to do to get in line to shop?”. Where, if you know anything about me, all that sounds like pure torture. You’re on your own sister, because I ain’t doing that. I’ll be standing in line for hours and hours, for the small chance that I might get to breathe the same air as Chris Evans – which I have done before, y’all. And it’s amazing. It smells so good. Jane is just the opposite. She will stand for hours and hours to buy the neatest, coolest, latest widget or Starbucks cup. She’s got all kinds of stuff that she loves. Theresa, I don’t know that you stand for hours and hours because your panels tend to be the more quirky, off the beaten path things that are very important for a smaller subset. You’re not with the rest of us crazies except for that Disney Parks panel, which I know is your number one big deal. You’ve got to see that one every year.

Theresa 11:01
Yes. My standing for hours and hours is me getting there many hours before it opens, so I can get in early. I am not an overnighter, but I will arrive pre-6am to stand in line outside of the convention center.

Patty 11:22
I don’t know what the status of the overnight panels will be, and that’s something we can just jump into right now. When I went in 2015 for the first time, I was adorable. I knew nothing. Zero, zilch, zip. All I knew was that some blogging friends had gone the year before and it looked really cool. It looked right up my alley, because they were Disneybounding. It’s just all about Disney and, of course, it was next door to Disneyland. You don’t have to twist my arm to go to that, right? In 2015, I showed up the morning of the first day at 9:30 on Friday morning thinking I was going to be able to walk right into the Legends panel. And by “show up”, I mean I got off an airplane at 9:30 that morning, and was like, “Oh, I’ll just drive straight over there. I’m staying across the street at the Red Lion Hotel and I’ll just be able to walk right in”. Oh, no, no, my friends. No, no, no. I showed up and there were more lines than I could have ever dreamed of in my life outside of the Anaheim Convention Center. You couldn’t even tell where the lines started or ended. They were wrapped around and went in and out, it went down streets, it was wrapped around all these buildings and hotels. I was so confused and I was texting friends who were inside and who were in line for the Legends panel. They were like, “Yeah, I don’t know how you’re going to get in here”. I was like, “I can’t miss it! This is why I’m here! I wanted to see this so bad!”. Anyway, I don’t know how it worked out. I honestly don’t. I remember standing in line and being out in the sun because it was starting to get hot, which was also a rare thing to me in Southern California. But by 10 o’clock in the morning, the sun was really getting strong. I just kept getting out of line and walking around and trying to figure out how to get in, because my friends kept describing, “No, we got in on this left hand side”. There was a specific line that was for the Legends panel. Well, that was the overnight line. They had shut that off before the rest of the people showed up to get in for the regular line. The line I was honestly standing in was to get to the Expo floor. These were the folks, like Jane, who wanted to go and do the shopping and who wanted to get in immediately and check out everything that’s on this big Expo floor. The people that wanted to get into the panel that I wanted to go to, they got there super early or stayed overnight. They were already in and that door had already shut. Somehow, I found the right sweet security guard and I explained the whole story to him and I was literally in tears because I was just so confused and didn’t know what to do. He went ahead and scanned my badge and let me in and I made it into the panel that I wanted to by the skin of my teeth and got to see all of it, which was amazing. That being said, from that moment on, I’m doing my research. I am making sure I don’t ever do this again. That night, I learned about the overnight line. I don’t think I slept in my hotel bed the whole weekend because I then went and stayed overnight in these lines so that I was not having this problem. What I learned was once you got in, they would give you a wristband. So, you could leave after you got in. Okay, well, I’ll go in, I’ll hang out for a little bit, but then I would leave and go get breakfast and then come back. You had in and out privileges in the overnight line once you got in, but you had to commit to being there overnight. Now, I think they did everything differently for 2019. I had a media access badge that year, so I didn’t have to stand in the overnight line. I’m not exactly sure how it all worked out, but I have a visual of it being the morning of the first day and they did not let anybody sleep overnight. It was very early that morning they were letting people come through to go get in line. You still had to sit in line for a couple of hours before the panels opened, but it wasn’t an overnight line. I don’t know what we’re going to see for 2022 yet, because they haven’t announced it. Because of the COVID situation, I just don’t know what they will plan on doing. We’ll have to keep you posted on that. As of now, I don’t think the overnight thing is such a thing anymore. I want to say that that might be a thing of D23 Expo’s past, which, frankly, that’s not a bad thing. It was a lot.

Jane 16:19
I’m just going to put this out there now. I’m not dedicated enough to stay overnight. I am happy to get up and do a good ol’ bridge town land opening at 2am with some mimosas. I’m all in. But I at least need a little bit of sleep. I’m not doing overnights.

Theresa 16:19
If you go to, they do have a “Things to Know” section at the moment. It’s very sparse. Most of [it says], “More information coming Summer 2022”. That is going to be the area where they make sure you know what information you need to have at the time, and there is a little bit of news there that I found as I was scrolling this morning.

Patty 17:07
Let’s talk about that. As we mentioned, we’ve gone to quite a few Expos and things have changed. Things are going to continue to change. What we think we knew about in the past, there’s going to be bits and pieces of nuggets that are going to be the same. However, there are going to be some things that are different. For 2019, there was a different process to get to some of these panels. They still did do a standby queue and they did do a line of some sort for the people that did not get a reservation. But in 2019, they started this reservation process. Theresa, tell us a little bit about that, because you waded in and you got the reservations and everything that you were looking for. Tell us how that worked for you.

Theresa 17:55
Sure. I looked it up and it was mid-June [2019] when they released the schedule, for the most part. You could see what panels were happening in which rooms, what all the times were on the different days. That was 11-ish weeks beforehand, so just keep that in mind. We don’t really know the schedule yet and we won’t for a little bit longer. But once you got the schedule, you can start planning out what you want to do. What did you want to go see, what are your priorities? Then about a week beforehand, you can start to reserve some of the panels. I know we have a lot of runDisney people who listen to this, so you’ll be familiar with the system. You go onto your computer, you open a couple browsers, and you wait to see which one gets you in first. When you do that, you have a limited amount of time to start scrolling through and choosing what panels you want to go to. When you’re picking your panels, you could reserve it for you and a guest. If you had somebody who you’re traveling with, you still have the opportunity to make sure that you both could do these panels together. But, it was the Wild West. It was just luck of the draw who got in first, what panels you could get. I think you could get one of the big Hall D23 or the signature panels per day, but you could get one for every single day if you got in early. There were people who just happened to not get in as early and could not get any. I was a very, very lucky participant in all this. I got everything I wanted. I had no issues booking all of my panels, but I know some who literally logged on at the same time I did and got nothing.

Patty 17:58
Its very runDisney-esque.

Theresa 19:42
Yes, if you’ve done this with runDisney… Queue-It was what they used last year. I think that’s what they use for tickets this year. It’ll feel very familiar if you’ve experienced that for any of Disney’s big events.

What change are you seeing on the horizon for this year?

As I was scrolling thorugh, they have this little blurb at the top [of the page] and it says, “Here are some new things for 2022”, and this one stood out to me. “Attendees will be able to secure advanced reservations for select panels and experiences through a new random selection process closer to the events”. They do expand a little bit more on that. If you look at “Advanced Reservations”, it says, “Guests who have activated their badges will be able to submit preferences during a designated time prior to D23 Expo. Reservations will then be randomly distributed based on preferences and availability. For guests who do not get advanced reservations for their preferences, standby queues will be available for most panels and experiences.”

So that sounds to me like it’s a lottery.

Yes, and they did this for the last Star Wars Celebration. It’s a similar kind of thing. It’s luck of the draw of what you get and what you don’t get. That’s all the information they’ve given us so far. I know we were having a chat before we started recording. For me, Parks and Resorts is my number one panel that I want to go to every year or every time that [they] have this [Expo]. Parks and Resorts is my panel. But, do I only want to put that as my big panel that I want to go to and hope that that’s what happens? Or, should I put some of the other big panels that they have? If I do that, do I risk not getting Parks and Resorts because they give me one of the other ones?

Patty 21:35

Theresa 21:37
I don’t know how its going to work out just yet.

Patty 21:40
We don’t.

Jane 21:41
This was my question. I follow Sorority TikTok, so I’m immediately thrown into [questioning if] there’s a method. If I put this as a preference, does it mean I can’t get anything else? How does this work? If I rank it lower, does that work against me? Although, to be quite honest, I honestly have no idea what’s going on.

Theresa 22:07
I think with this, it’s a “wait and see” until it gets a little closer and we find out how exactly this process is going to work. But if you do not get in with these advanced reservations, I don’t want anybody to feel like they are out of luck. That is not the case. Just because you don’t get a reservation for a panel, doesn’t mean you won’t be able to go. Like in the days of booking FastPasses ahead of time – just because you don’t get one doesn’t mean you can’t do that attraction.

Patty 22:37
Absolutely, there’s still going to be the standby option. Obviously, we all hate standby [and] we want our FastPasses back, but that is going to be an option for you. Also, I am confident that there are so many cool and different things happening for all of Expo. Even if you got shut out of every panel that you really wanted, you’re still going to have a fantastic, fabulous time if you choose to make it such. Honestly, if there’s nothing else there that you really want to do, or you’re just not into anything else that’s there… Look, Disneyland is a mile away. You can take a $5 Uber and you’ll be at the happiest place on earth. Trust me, there’s nothing wrong with that, either. Let’s see… We’ve talked a little bit about things like getting into these panels. First and foremost, are there any tickets left? Can you still buy tickets for D23 Expo?

Theresa 23:42
You could still buy some tickets.

Jane 23:46
I took a look the other day because I saw a lot of people asking about tickets. It looks like there are tickets available for Friday and there’s tickets available for Sunday. There’s nothing for Saturday, and then the three-day tickets are completely sold out.

Patty 24:05
They are and there is one other thing to note. They changed this process in 2019 to basically a badge activation system. They send out your badges. I purchased a ticket, they’ll send me my badge. When I get that badge, up until I activate it, I could have put that badge in anybody’s name. Once I activate it in my name, it’s my badge and it’s non-transferable and you can’t give them to somebody else or do anything along those lines. That’s how it worked in the past. Another thing that they changed for 2022 was that everybody has to be a D23 Member. You didn’t have to be one in the past. This year, you do have to be one. There’s a free option, I am a free D23 Member and Jane is a free D23 Member.

Jane 25:01
Because they made me become one.

Patty 25:02
They made you become one so that you could buy your ticket, right? My thinking is that if you are going to sell your badge to somebody else, or if you are looking to pick up a badge from somebody else once they actually get sent out, I think you’re still going to have to become a D23 Member. That could also trip up this whole idea of selling your badge to somebody else before activation. They may not allow that because they have it connected to the purchaser’s D23 Member status.

Theresa 25:39
There’s news on this! On the D23 Expo website –

Patty 25:43

Theresa 25:44
This is on their “Things to Know for 2022”. One of the top things they put on there says, “You will be able to easily transfer your additional guest badges to your family and friends who will be attending with you”. A little more detail on that… once they send out the badges, they have this activation system and they will still be doing that. It does say, “Ticket purchasers will be required to enter an email of the guest they are assigning a ticket to and this email must be associated with a D23 Member account”. That can still be the free account. The other thing to note… Patty and Jane are both free D23 Members. I’m a Gold Member, and I did that specifically for 2019’s D23 Expo because at the time, the savings for tickets was the equivalent of being a Gold Member. If I’m already going to be paying that difference anyway for the Gold Member ticket versus the free ticket, I’ll just be the Gold Member. The main benefit is a Gold Member priority queue, where if you don’t get into a panel you want, the Gold Member and the guests can go stand in that queue and they’ll get let in first before they go to the regular standby line. If you are a Gold Member, and you purchased any tickets at the Gold Member discount price, your ticket as yours. You cannot transfer the primary Gold Member ticket. If you purchased an additional ticket, that one can go to anybody else. The Gold Member ticket purchaser will be able to assign all tickets purchased except for the one that must remain in their ownership.

Patty 27:24
Well, there you go. That is the rundown on that. I was hopeful that there was transferability as long as you were also a D23 Member. Their kicker is they want to beef up those numbers. You do still have to be a D23 Member to transfer these tickets. Where is D23 Expo happening? We’ve kind of glossed over that. Where is this happening, Jane?

Jane 27:51
It is happening at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Patty 27:55
Awesome. Yes, that is correct.

Jane 27:58

Patty 27:58
Why isn’t it at Orlando? When is it going to be in Orlando? What’s up? Why? Why can’t they do it at Walt Disney World? It would make more sense. This is the thing that happens every single year with the D23 Expo. People always want to know – why not Orlando?

Jane 28:14
Because Disneyland is better.

Patty 28:17
One hundred percent. I think there’s a lot of reasons why they do it there. Part of it, at least from the entertainment standpoint side of things, I think you just have so many more available big wigs in the entertainment industry. They’re in LA. It’s probably easier for scheduling to get them to come to this thing than trying to haul them off to Orlando. It’s just proximity of all the movie theaters and all the movie stars, right? That could factor in a small way. The Disney Archives are all there and it’d be much easier to transport across town than to transport across the country. Also, I don’t know that there’s any place on Walt Disney World property that actually has big enough space to hold an expo like this, except for ESPN Wide World of Sports. As somebody who’s gone to multiple D23 Expos, I just can’t see how that would translate. It doesn’t make sense to me. It would have to be held off property, like where?

Theresa 28:20
The Orlando Convention Center.

Jane 28:55
The Orange County Convention Center.

Theresa 29:39
You mentioned the same kind of thing. The great thing about Anaheim is the theme parks are right there. You don’t have that so much [in Orlando].

Patty 29:45
It just makes sense that it’s going to be continued to be happening there in Anaheim. Also, there is the mini D23 Expo Theresa [went to] this past November. They do that every other year when D23 Expo isn’t happening.

Theresa 30:08
Correct and [during the] off years, they do Destination D. I think this year was another one where you had to be a D23 Member to go. It’s the mini fan event. The main difference is the D23 Expo is multiple days and you have panels happening in all these different rooms. [For] Destination D, you usually have a singular topic that things are focused around, and if you get your ticket, you can go to all the panels. They’re all in the same room. You can attend anything you want to attend. If we’re talking about the D23 Expo and it feels a little overwhelming to you and you don’t like the fact that, until a week beforehand, you don’t know what your experience is going to be like… Check out Destination D. You get your ticket and you get to attend everything. If that sounds more your speed, keep an eye out for when they start to announce information about that. D23 Expos are on odd years –

Patty 31:05
Even years.

Theresa 31:06
Even years, sorry. I know time. D23 Expos are on even years, so Destination D’s will be for the odd years. They are they are always at Walt Disney World in Florida.

Patty 31:15
So, there is something for you Floridians or the folks that are on the East Coast who can’t make it out there. And it also sounds like, while it’s still a large event, it’s a more intimate affair. When I was watching DisTwitter, which is like the microcosm of the Disney fandom, it felt like a lot of the folks that I was seeing at Destination D were able to connect and have a little bit more experiences together. I feel like D23 Expo is just like that on steroids, so it might be a little bit harder to line things up and get together with people.

Theresa 31:57
You see a lot of people in passing as you’re going from one panel to another.

Patty 32:00
You sure do. There is that option. That’s where D23 Expo is, it’s in California. It’s every other year. It used to be an odd years, but thanks to COVID, it’s now switched. We flipped the script, and it’s going to be on even years, so we’ve got it in 2022. By the way, since we’re all three going to be there, you know we’re going to bring this topic up a couple of times over the course of the next couple of months. Then when we’re there, we’re going to do some live reporting for you guys and give you all the details of the cool things that we are seeing. All of that’s going to happen and it might get you hyped. It might get you really excited and you might think, “I’m going next year!”. No, you’re not. You’re going every other year. The next one won’t be until 2024, so keep that in mind. It’s an every other year kind of thing. Theresa, what is your favorite D23 Expo moment or moments? Let’s talk about why we are so excited about it. For me, my origin story with D23 Expo was [that] I just followed my blogger friends who were all there one year and I thought, “I would really like that. I should probably try it. I should probably go to that”. I was getting interested in Disney-bounding more and in cosplaying more and cons. I really love Marvel, but I don’t know everything about everything about every comic book that’s out there. I’m geeky, but not that geeky. I wasn’t sure if Comic-Con or something along those lines was someplace that I would feel comfortable or that I would fit in. Obviously, anything and everything Disney I adore and love and embrace. That’s how I got myself talked into going to this thing, but there was one particular moment at my first D23 Expo that sealed the deal. I mean, not to be dramatic or anything but it kind of changed my life and the trajectory of the way things have happened going forward. You don’t have to be as dramatic as I am, but do you have an experience or a moment or a couple of moments or good, fond memories from D23 Expo to give everyone an idea of what you can expect? Or the expect the unexpected? Or what could happen at these events?

Theresa 32:08
For me, the D23 Expo [in] 2017 was one of the first big Disney events I did. Number one, I just really love the fact that I get to see so many people that I have connected with over the years at these big events. For a lot of the California [and] West Coast-based people, it’s my only chance to really see them. I plan my Disneyland trips [to] coincide around the D23 Expo. For me, it’s a chance to get into that part of Disney history and I think some people can relate to this. One of the reasons why people like going to see movies in theaters is to have that collective experience of everybody hearing news or seeing things happen together for the first time. There’s just a really great energy when things are being announced. Sometimes you might feel like you’re the only one who specifically nerds out about something, and then something will be announced. Everybody together is like, “Wait, what?!”. It’s a great chance to nerd out with other people who are doing it at the same level as you. Some specific things that stand out to me… it’s a little bit of a “womp womp” because some of the exciting things that happened in the last one did not come to fruition. I feel so bad for 2019 [Parks and Resorts panel]. A lot of things that got announced got wiped off because budgets are a little different right now. I remember when they were talking about the Mary Poppins attraction that was supposed to be coming to EPCOT. As they were making that announcement, they start playing Step in Time and then you have Dick Van Dyke coming out and nobody knew that was going to happen. It was just great. Everybody loves Dick Van Dyke! It was just such like a joyous moment. Being there for that was just a really special moment. You’ll also literally never know who you are going to run into, and I say “literally”. In 2019, as I was rounding a corner not really paying attention to where I was going, I bumped into someone. I went to apologize and look up and up and up because I had run into one of the Lopez brothers from the NBA. I’m pretty sure it was Robin. I didn’t know who they were at the time, so it just didn’t connect that that’s who it was. A few months later realizing, “Oh, I would run into an NBA player who loves Disney”. You literally never know who you might run into.

Patty 37:30
That is the truth. Speaking of that, these are my stories. I think all of it happened that first D23 Expo that I went to. There’s other moments, but these are just the ones that cemented [my belief that] as long as I have money to throw at Disney, I’m saving it for D23 Expo. That’s where I want to spend it because of these experiences I had. After that whole story that I told you before [about] trying to get into the Legends panel… That’s where they announce and they give all these big stars their handprints that go up at the Disney lot. It’s a big deal and it’s very cool. I think that first year was Susan Lucci, and Johnny Depp showed up. Anyway, it was sovcrazy and cool. After I left the panel on that high, I wandered out on to the Expo floor, and much like you, I kind of rounded a corner and almost ran into somebody. When I looked up, you know what I saw?

Theresa 38:44
What did you see?

Patty 38:45
This crazy ass earring hanging off of this fool’s head. I was like, “Oh my gosh, it’s you!” and he was like, “Oh my gosh, it’s you!” and we just laughed. I asked him if I could take a picture and sure enough, it was Joe Rohde. That was very cool. I just ran into my first Imagineer. How wild is this? I have literally been on the Expo floor for 10 minutes and that happened. That was awesome.

Theresa 39:12
I have another one and it wasn’t something that I realized at the time how special it was. In 2017, I think the very last panel I did was the Legends of Imagineering panel. They obviously had legends of Imagineering [there at the panel]. I distinctly remember Marty Sklar. That was the very first time I ever got to hear him speak and got to see him at an event. It was just great hearing his stories. He literally is the legend of Disney Imagineering. Then it was within the next two weeks after that when he passed away. Looking back, that was the last big event he did. That’s the last time he really spoke publicly. Getting a chance to hear these Imagineers… The Archive stage is where I’m at, but getting a chance to hear these people talk about the things they’ve created and the work they’ve done that they’re so passionate about, it’s a rare opportunity to hear that directly from them. I love that these events give you that opportunity that you might never have otherwise.

Patty 40:21
Its just kind of cool. I am such a celebrity-fandom-type person. I’m not obnoxious in that I won’t hunt people down and take selfies with them or ask them for stuff, but I do love to see them even if it’s from afar. The next very cool experience that I had that same evening was [that] one of the girls that I knew through blogging circles had a connection to Club 33 at the time. She invited a whole bunch of us for a very late night dinner at Club 33. As we were waiting to be taken up to dinner, Tony Baxter was standing there. He had a group of people with him, and he was trying to get in. He didn’t have a reservation apparently, but they were trying to fit him in and trying to make it work for him. Oh, of course they are! He’s Tony Baxter, right? Then when we did go upstairs, as we walked in, I walked past a table and sitting at the table literally wiping his mouth and putting his napkin down and getting ready to stand up and leave is Dick Van Dyke! Wow, I just thought take Van Dyck finish his meal. So magical. But it was really cool because I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be in the same room with Dick Van Dyke, of all people. And then we sat down at our table, I looked up and the next table over right across from us was Sean Astin and his family. Super weird random side note, but I adore Sean Astin. Obviously, I’m a child of the 80s, so I grew up on his movies, and he’s always been around and I’ve just always loved him. Rudy is one of my number one favorite movies. I cry every single time I watch that. Through runDisney and through blogging circles, I have had probably seven or eight interactions where I’ve actually spoken to him. Sat and had conversations. Not like I’ve spent time with him, but you know what I mean? I feel like I know a little bit about Sean Astin. Like on a real level, not just on what we’ve read or what we’ve seen on social media. He’s a really great guy. In a lot of ways, he also completely personality-wise reminds me of my husband. I came home after the first time I met him and I was like, “Rob, I found your new best friend. It’s Sean Astin!” and he was like, “Okay…”. No, really, if we could live next door to the Astins,I seriously think these two would be besties and they would get into all kinds of trouble. So funny, but sure enough, we sat down and there he is across the table. He got up at one point and a couple of us had gone outside to see if we could see Fantasmic from the balcony out there and he watched it with us. So when he came in, he came over to our table and took pictures with anybody that wanted a picture and was teasing us about what we were eating. He was just so chill and nice. But, he knew, obviously, that we knew who he was, and he wasn’t going to ignore it even though he was completely with his family. None of us were going to get up and go interrupt his family time or anything, but he was just very gracious and very cool. I just had this trifecta of celebrities all at once in that one night and it was really neat. For somebody like me, that was kind of cool and that’s something that you don’t get outside of D23 Expo. Honestly, if you’re paying attention and if you’re looking for it, you can probably run into some pretty famous fangirl or fanguy moments because they are out there. A lot of them are Disney fans themselves. Chris Evans has come to these things and he has literally stood on stage and said, “Hi, let’s go to Disneyland. Why are we here?”. It always makes me laugh that they’re just like us. Celebs love Disney too. But my one moment, my moment that changed everything. The moment that I always remember and that I always talk about and that has made D23 Expo an experience for me to have as long as I can put up with it is the moment that we went to the live action panel. I did basically sleep on a concrete floor with no pillow no blanket, no nothing. It was freezing. It was miserable. It was like “the best of times, the worst of times” experience that you could have. I slept out overnight to make sure that I got into this panel. It was the live action movie panel, so this was where they were showing clips of all of the live action movies that were coming out in the next year two. I can’t even remember who was all out there. The impact on me was when Marvel came out, and this was early in my Marvel fandom. I was still at that point very much a Star Wars girl, but Marvel was creeping in there. Marvel was getting my attention by quite a bit and this took me completely by surprise on how I reacted. It kind of touches on what you said earlier, Theresa, about how being in the same room with people who react the same way you do. There’s something wild about this; this was the first time that I ever understood. You know those old clips of girls crying when the Beatles or when Elvis is on stage and they’re just so emotional and freaking out? I remember growing up going, “Why are they doing that? That’s so dumb”. I’d make fun of my mom. I was like, “Did you act like that?” and she was like, “Well, I didn’t, but I definitely know why they did”. They were so big and if you were in that moment and you’re right there watching them play in front of you, that’s probably how I would have reacted. I was like, “Oh, you’re crazy!”. Anyway, I got it. It finally sunk in and it made sense. This is when I officially decided I was a fangirl. We’re watching the Marvel panel and Kevin Feige comes out and he’s like, “We got this little movie coming out. It’s called Civil War”, and everyone goes crazy. He’s like, “I couldn’t show up and talk about it by myself, so I brought somebody over here from Germany to talk to you”. Everybody goes crazy. It’s Anthony Mackie, who is Falcon. Falcon comes out and people went crazy. We’re sitting in our seats clapping. It’s Falcon, it’s Anthony Mackie, yay! He has a little discussion and he tells us a little bit about the movie. Then he’s like, “But I mean, I couldn’t come over here all by myself, could I?”, and everyone immediately starts roaring. He spits out that he also brought Captain America with him. Y’all – Chris Evans in the flesh walks out on stage in this tight blue sweater that has been burned into my brain forevermore. Chris Evans in the blue sweater, it is a sight to behold. He walked out and he was so excited. He admitted, “My family loves Disney. I love Disney. Disney is my slice of heaven. I’m just like you guys. I’m watching YouTube videos of other people’s vacations when I have a bad day because that’s how [much] Disney means to me. So, to be part of the Disney Marvel family is a big deal and I’m so excited to be here”. The whole reaction of everybody in that room when Chris Evans came out on stage and said these words to us as fellow Disney fanatics – it just clicked. It hit. The girl I was standing next to – I dug my my fingers into her arm the entire time. I was screaming my head off. Her husband was like, “I can’t hear anything, Patty” and I’m like, “I’m so sorry, I can’t help it”. Completely took me by surprise. I did not expect to have this kind of reaction at all, and there I was acting like the teenyboppers when Elvis came out. That is my big moment and that is what has sealed it for me. I wanted to go back and keep going back, because where else can you get that kind of experience? Again, that experience with all those people and everybody in the room felt the same way when Chris Evans came out on stage. It was amazing. Even my friend’s husband was like, “Oh, yeah, man. That man’s hot and that was amazing”. See, it’s not just us, right? He was like, “Oh, no, it’s not just you”. There’s a lot of fun that can be had in a variety of ways at D23 Expo. That was definitely the one that got my attention and got me coming back year after year.

Jane 49:33
So – what are we wearing?

Patty 49:37
The blue sweater? Are we going to go as Chris Evans? I don’t know.

Jane 49:39
No, I’m not going to go as Chris Evans. FYI – While we’re recording this podcast, I’m very busy shopping for Princess Weekend.

Theresa 49:49
Wait – for Princess Weekend? What are you doing for Princess Weekend?

Jane 49:52
We had a whole conversation that we were going to dress for yoga as 50th themed and then I just went down a rabbit hole and now I have a very big shopping cart.

Patty 50:02
Well, excellent. I’m so glad that you’re paying attention to my Chris Evans story! It was important to me!

Jane 50:08
I heard about his sweater! I heard about him watching other people’s vacations! I got the whole Chris Evans thing! He does come on vacation all the time here. We know that for a fact.

Theresa 50:20
That’s true. And I’m still disappointed that you have not gone out and found him for me while he was here. What’s wrong with you?

Jane 50:26
I always find out after the fact. It’s always five hours later [I find out that] Chris Evans is in the park. Oh, I can’t get a park reservation.

Patty 50:34
I don’t know. What are we going to wear? Theresa, you are the queen of Disneybounding. And I know you put a lot of effort and thought into this, so I absolutely know you have some thoughts. What are you thinking about for your D23 Expo outfits this year?

Theresa 50:54
I have started putting them together, slightly. The great thing about D23 Expo that I love compared to regular Disneybounding in the parks is if you have something that might be a little more obscure, this is the place to try it out. This is the place where people will see that and get what you’re doing. I don’t want to reveal any of them yet, but I have a few things in mind. In the past, I have done Dapper Marvel. So, as Captain Marvel but Dapper-themed. I did one that I called “Mickey Goes to Work” and it was Mickey Mouse Disneybounding, but it was specifically with clothes I would wear to the office. I did a Tropical Hideaway [outfit], themed after a dining location. It’s a great chance to do even some mashups. The outfits other people put together are absolutely amazing because you do have the hardcore Disneybounders and the cosplayers. Every year, they have a big event called Mousequerade, where people create fantastic costumes. Things that you wouldn’t even imagine. There was one girl who did one for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. She was literally Big Thunder, the entire track was part of her outfit and it was 3D. It was amazing. If you’re into costumes and into the fashion, make sure you check out Mousequerade. Really, any aspect of Disney that you can come up with, there’s a chance for you to wear an outfit that represents it. And if you’ve never Disneybounded before, [its a] great opportunity to try it out and see how it feels.

Jane 52:53
What day does that Mousequerade happen?

Theresa 52:57
I don’t know if they’ve announced it yet. I’m trying to remember. I know they usually have Mousequerade on one of the earlier days because when they present the winners, it’ll be later on in the weekend. I don’t think they do it all at the same time. The Center Stage is kind of in the middle of the Expo floor, so you don’t need tickets for that one. That’s where they’ll show off some of the winners afterwards.

Jane 53:30
I just did a little Google search and I now have breaking news. Look at me go! The official Mousequerade will happen on September 9. It looks like it’s a contest that takes place throughout the year. That is so fascinating. This is way beyond any sort of my getting up and getting dressed capabilities.

Patty 53:56
Oh, one thousand percent. Let me tell you… there was a wild Ursula that I saw one year that her tentacles took up almost the entire floor when she’d let them [out]. She had it pulled all the way up, but then when she stopped for pictures and put it all out, it took up the whole room. I mean, it was huge. They really do get into the construction of this. This is for serious people who will have a love of costuming and it’s a big deal. The actual finalist parade that we can all go see takes place on Friday, September 9.

Jane 54:40
Can you see that without a ticket? Because we only have tickets for Saturday.

Patty 54:44
No, we can’t. No. Yes, that is correct, we only have tickets for Saturday at this point. But, no, you cannot go unless you want to go on Friday. If we want to buy an extra day ticket, Jane, just let me know and I’ll be happy to go in with you because they are amazing. The other thing to note is that I chose Saturday because typically Saturday is the day where most cosplayers come out. That’s where you’re going to see the most costumes by the numbers. That’s where most people put their effort into it and come out and spend the whole day.

Jane 55:20
That makes sense, because on Friday a lot of people are still working.

Patty 55:25
Or in school. But, it’s really wild. On Saturday, your mind will be blown [by] all the creativity that’s out there. Just an FYI, for anybody who’s not super familiar with it… If you go to D23 Expo and you see somebody who’s dressed up – always ask for permission – ask them if you can take a picture because they will be happy to pose and give you the right angles. They live for that. They really do enjoy it. You’re not going to impose on them if you ask for that permission.

Theresa 56:02
If there’s any day that you don’t have tickets but you still want to see outfits people are wearing – In 2019, they did have a specific schedule for where they were doing [a group photo] right outside of the convention center. There was a Disney Princesses [theme] one day, it was Marvel [one day], [there] might have been Star Wars one, but they encourage a group photo outside of people who have dressed in theme. If you don’t have a ticket for one day, just keep an eye out for when they post that schedule of when they are doing the photos in front of [the convention center], and you’ll still get a chance to see the people who are super into it. Definitely go and check that out.

Patty 56:41
For sure. It’s just a lot of fun. In 2019, I did a series of Mouseketeer mashups. I was a Mouseketeer, but the first day I was a Princess Mouseketeer. I was Sleeping Beauty, Aurora. The next day, I was Darth Vader Mouseketeer. The third day, I was Wanda Scarlet Witch Mouseketeer. They were all so much fun to put together. In my case, it was obvious who I was, but at the same time, it wasn’t way over the top like these amazing costumers. But, I had a lot of fun with it. Jane, we can talk about this and we can figure out some things to put together and we can come up with some cute little outfits. I’m down with that. It’s one of my favorite parts of D23 Expo, besides the celeb sightings. Dressing up and just kind of having fun with it. Look, adults can do Disney any way that they want to do Disney. Costumes are not just for little kids. I totally support that. I think that’s also why I love runDisney so much, and now I’m excited that we have yoga outfits that you’re putting together for us.

Jane 57:56
I don’t know if they’re necessarily for you. I feel like you’re going to be like, “I am not wearing that”. And I’m going to be like, “Cool, just find something that matches this”. I might have been searching for sequins and things. That’s how yoga will be going. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, then you don’t know that I have a Disney shopping problem. And if you do follow me on Instagram, I’m sorry if you’ve bought anything that I recommend, because I know it just never stops.

Patty 58:28
That is absolutely accurate. One other thing I want to point out and make a comment on for D23 Expo – Anybody that’s looking at buying passes or wants to buy them later if you can score a 3-day [pass] from somebody else in that transfer process… Just a heads up. As we all know, COVID-19 – the pain in all of our booties – and things are constantly changing. At this current time, D23 has only said that they will follow what is required in the state and local federal policies. They haven’t come straight out to say what those requirements are. However, you should know that D23 Expo is going to fall under what the state of California is calling a “mega event”. They have a policy specific for COVID-19 for different tiers of things and [D23 Expo] is an indoor mega event, which is [considered] conventions, conferences, expos, sporting events, concerts, etc. It could change in the future and I’m not speaking for D23 Expo – I’m just telling you what the state of California [is stating]. If you can follow the dots, you can see how this connects. They are saying that there’s a verification of fully vaccinated status or a pre-entry negative test required of all attendees. That is required by the state. If D23 Expo is following all the rules and regulations that they are supposed to be, you can go ahead and put it in the back of your head that you are possibly going to need to show that proof of vaccination status to attend this event.

Theresa 1:00:22
It’ll be interesting to keep an eye on what happens with San Diego Comic-Con, because that is a little before [D23 Expo]. I’ll have another note to say about that after. In November [2021], they had the San Diego Comic-Con “Special Event”, which is what they were calling it. For that, they did require proof of vaccination or a recent negative test. I think that was following the protocols in the state at the time. So, keep an eye out on what is happening there. As recently as November, that was something that they required. This is happening in a few months from now, so honestly, who knows? We don’t know.

Patty 1:01:00
Everything can change, but I just didn’t want anybody to be taken by surprise. In your state, or if you’ve gone to Disney World, that doesn’t matter. True, right? A lot of us don’t have those kinds of requirements. Where I live, we don’t have those kind of requirements. However, in California, that is the situation as of this time. Again, things could change before D23 Expo actually happens. I just wanted to throw that out as a very important PSA that you should know about if you are looking to attend this event.

Theresa 1:01:36
Star Wars Celebration is happening in May. A few months later, you have San Diego Comic-Con and then it’s D23 Expo. Star Wars Celebration is in Anaheim, I believe.

Patty 1:01:50

Theresa 1:01:51
If you watch what happens with Star Wars Celebration, you might be able to get a sense of how D23 Expo will be set up.

Patty 1:01:58
That’s a really great tip. If you are curious about how D23 Expo is going to roll out, then definitely keep an eye on what’s happening with Star Wars Celebration. I think it will follow similar protocols and fit similar lineups and everything since it’s run at the same location. Telegraphing what’s going to happen for this event farther down the line. Right now, I’m sure there’s more questions. I’m sure you want to know more about D23 Expo or you have specific questions about things that we obviously did not cover. This was a “Here’s some general information, but also let me fangirl a little bit” kind of discussion. We just want to start talking about D23 Expo, because we know all three of us are going. We’re all very excited about it. It is something that is so cool and probably something that not everybody in the Disney community knows about or understands exactly what it is. That’s what we want to do. Explain, break down any questions, try to communicate what happens at these events and why someday in the future, you may want to put it on your travel radar. If you have any questions or if you have any thing else that you want to know, you know where to find us – No-Guilt Disney Facebook group. Feel free to pop in there and post away and ask your questions about it. Before we go, Theresa, do you have anything else you want to wrap up with? Or Jane, do you have a question that we can go ahead and tackle or answer for you at this time?

Jane 1:03:42
I don’t think so. I just want to know about merchandise and shopping…

Patty 1:03:46
Okay, fair.

Jane 1:03:47
… that I’m also not willing to wait hours and hours for.

Theresa 1:03:52
I will address that quickly and we’ll definitely talk more about this later. They do have three signature stores. There’s the Disney Dream store, which will have the Expo exclusives. There’s Mickey’s of Glendale, which is the Walt Disney Imagineering store, which usually has some really cool designs. Then there is the Disney Store, which I’m wondering if they’ll just call [it] “shopDisney” this time. Previously, when you were reserving your panel reservations, which they call “stage passes”, you could also put in reservations for “store passes” and get a reserved block of time to go shopping. You could still do the standby line if you wanted to, but those do get very long unless you go first thing in the morning. Keep an eye out for “store pass”. There’s also the D23 Expo Emporium. If you’ve been to a runDisney Expo, all the different vendors are there and you can usually find some pretty cool things related to Disney history. If you are into pin trading – Oh goodness. They have you covered. There’s pins everywhere. Funko Pops everywhere. I think there have been a few comic book areas if you are more into the Marvel storytelling. The D23 Expo Emporium has a bunch of vendors there if you want to take a look for some unique Disney things to add to your collection.

Jane 1:05:16
I can’t wait. Patty, get ready to spend my money.

Patty 1:05:20
Oh, I’ll spend your money. That does sound fun.

Jane 1:05:25
I just did that last weekend with a friend of mine. You get to come and decorate my house. So, it’s like you get to do the thing you love, but on my credit card. She was like, “This is fantastic!”.

Theresa 1:05:36
Yep, I am totally down for that. Theresa, anything else that you wanted to throw in?

Once we get the schedule out, we’ll have much more to say. I want to mention one thing, because this happened before. The first D23 Expo I went to in 2017, D23 Expo happened first and then the week after was Comic-Con. Last time in 2019, Comic-Con happened a few weeks earlier and that’s the same this time. San Diego Comic-Con is a few weeks earlier. I was a little let down by the film panel that they had at 2019 D23 Expo because all of the announcements had been made at Comic-Con. That’s just something to be aware of. We’ve talked about Star Wars Celebration and Comic-Con, all these things happening ahead of time. Keep an eye on what gets announced there. As you’re trying to decide what panels you want to go to and if you’re trying to figure out what’s your absolute top thing you want to do, keep in mind that if a lot of stuff seems to be getting announced at Comic-Con, it might be a little lighter on news for Marvel and Star Wars related things at D23 Expo. The other thing is the theme this year is around the 100-year celebration of The Walt Disney Company in 2023. I think we’ll be hearing a lot of news about what they want to do as part of that 100th anniversary celebration. Expect a lot of panels to revolve around that.

Patty 1:07:07
I would also throw out [that] if you’re like me, and TV and movies are your thing – There’s a little blurb out there from our guy, Bob Iger, the best Bob. He kind of mentioned that discussion about what happened with Black Widow and the Scarlett Johansson situation. Anyway, Bob is always classy. My assumption is that there is going to be a D23 Expo panel that is specific to Disney+. That’s what they did in 2019.

Theresa 1:07:53
Yes, it was fantastic. That was one of my favorite panels.

Patty 1:07:56
It was a great panel. I’m sorry, but if you start with the Wildcats marching through the crowd with the marching band – I was literally standing up and dancing in the press section. I’m sure like they were like, “Oh, yeah, she’s real press over there”, and I’m like, “I don’t care!”.

Jane 1:08:14
This is why you made me get that Saturday pass, isn’t it? The Wildcats?

Patty 1:08:19
It’s the Wildcats, man! I’m hoping that they’ll be there again.

Jane 1:08:22
For the love of god.

Patty 1:08:24
They actually had a panel of just the Wildcats and I went to that and it was adorable. It was our first look at these kids who now I’m obsessed with and I love them all so much. Wildcats were great. There was a Disney+ [panel] and then there was a live action [panel]. What will be interesting now in this post-covid world and this post-Black Widow situation – I just read this interview that Bob Iger did where he talked about it a little bit. He’s basically saying, “I don’t think movie theaters are dead, I just think there’s going to be a lot more that actually gets released on streaming, either in conjunction with theaters or on streaming instead of theaters”. There will just be fewer options in movie theaters going forward. He’s not saying death to the movie industry. He’s just saying it’s different now. A part of that is studios’ choices, but then I think also it’s we as a community, we as a world. I have seen so many people who used to love going to movie theaters who are just like, “Oh, no, now that I’ve sat on my couch and watched the shows fed to me through Disney+ or HBO Max, I’m fine with that. I would rather do that than spend all the money and get dressed and go out and expose myself to COVID or even just the common cold”. Even if it’s just the movie theater prices for popcorn. They would just prefer to watch their movies at home. He just made a point that things are changing. I will be curious to see if it flip flops, if maybe some big announcements actually get pushed to the Disney+ panel that once were in Live Action. Or, if they go back and condense Live Action with – I don’t know.

Theresa 1:10:20
Last year, it was Live Action and Pixar. The movies was all one panel. It was kind of a letdown. Also, I’m so happy because you know who’s going to be doing the Disney Parks panel this time?

Jane 1:10:24
My boyfriend Josh D’Amaro?

Theresa 1:10:37
It’s going to be Josh. I do not have to listen to Bob Chapek talk about EPCOT. That’s all I want out of this Expo, is to not have to listen to him make his commentary on EPCOT.

Jane 1:10:56
And then kill all the projects he announced?

Patty 1:11:00
Girl, he was so painful.

Theresa 1:11:02
It was so bad.

Patty 1:11:04
I’m with you on that. Maybe I do need to go ahead and get a Friday and a Saturday pass now.

Jane 1:11:13
No! We’re going to Disneyland!

Theresa 1:11:19
If you’re not at D23 Expo, you can get celebrity sightings. I had a friend who ran into Jon Favreau in Galaxy’s Edge one night after Expo. You can run into them in the parks, too. Don’t worry.

Patty 1:11:35
They absolutely go and hang out in the parks. Another thing – there are going to be discounted Disneyland tickets. These do not go on sale until May. You can only buy them through the link that you get on your confirmation of your D23 Expo ticket. In other words, that link is not going to be out there floating around. All of you going, “Oh, I maybe can get discounted tickets in September even if I’m not going to D23 Expo”. In theory, no, you should not be able to do that. But if you are going to D23 Expo, they are going to offer some discounted tickets. We don’t know what the discount looks like.

Jane 1:12:15
That’s fun.

Theresa 1:12:17
We don’t know what this is going to mean about the park reservations because Disneyland has been a little bit of a hot mess.

Patty 1:12:25
We will have that discussion for you up and coming when those tickets are released and we have a little bit more detail on it. We’ll definitely circle back around and touch base and get that information out to anybody who may be attending. If you want more updates, where can people find us?

Jane 1:12:44
As Patty mentioned earlier, you can join us in our Facebook group or you can email us at [email protected].

Theresa 1:12:53
And make sure you join us each week-ish on the No-Guilt Disney Podcast because, as Patty likes to say –

Patty 1:12:59
It’s no fun to fangirl Chris Evans in his blue sweater alone. Bye, y’all!

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