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Tinker Bell: Let’s Discuss

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Social media is wondering just what’s wrong with the Tinker Bell Half and Pixie Dust Challenge?

Y’all… nothing.  I don’t think runDisney is worried.

At least I wouldn’t be worried if I was them.  It’s going to sell out (today maybe?).

After watching these races sell out in record time, it just feels weird to see Tink stall out a bit.

But let’s put things into perspective.   Here’s some stats from last year for the 2014 half marathon:

tink 2013

And there it sat overnight.  All the races sold out the next day however.

Tinker Bell 2015 has been on sale for two days.

The stats look like this:

Tink update1

That’s right.  The PASTA PARTY has sold out but the Challenge has not.

Shenanigans, right?

The discussions I’ve seen lead people to believe a couple of things are going on here:

1.  Mother’s Day negatively impacted the opportunity to run this race.


2.  The additional races announced this year took the need away to rush for a Tink sign up.

I think both are factors.

tink rd

Mother’s Day:  Y’all know I wasn’t happy with the move.  I did a small poll on it and most people were not happy with the move either.

Of course, many of those opposed have gotten over it and signed up anyway.  Like me.  Ahem.

Many of them decided to let Tinker Bell go, but new runners are stepping in to take their place.

It’s also fair to say that even though Mother’s Day might be a bad choice for some, it clearly isn’t a deal breaker. There are plenty of ladies who thought this was a fantastic reason to runDisney and are bringing their whole family with them.

Check this: the Kids Races sold out first.  Diaper Dashers- kids who may not even be BORN yet- have bibs secured for their first race!

This is the first time I’ve seen this happen- and I think the Mother’s Day move factored into this.

Star Wars Half 10K 5K

Avengers and Star Wars: Both of these races sold out in record time.  Was it the themes?  Was it the time of year?  Was it the gender neutral factor?

Probably all of the above.

By the time Tink registration came around I’m sure the typical runDisney fan found themselves low on funds or vacation time or both.

While I find all this odd and even wondered if Ashton Kutcher was punking us with the Pasta Party sell out (really… what’s up with this?!) I don’t think we should worry.

It’s not like we are talking about Goofy numbers or anything.  Lawdy- did Dopey kill Goofy or what?

Goofy 8.13.14

Tinker Bell is still a wonderful race with fabulous support.  The courses are my favorite of the runDisney series so far and I’ve been assured that early mornings in May should still make for lovely running weather.  (You know who you are that told me that and if it’s hot so help you…)

The parks may be crowded.  Okay, they WILL be crowded.  But at least the race shouldn’t be too bad.

What’s your prediction?  When will Tinker Bell and the Pixie Dust Challenge sell out?

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Saturday 14th of March 2015

I actually like the time of year. I wanted to do a 10K and my daughter suggested this one because of Mother's Day weekend. Since Alyson moved to Vegas over 10yrs ago, I haven't spent a Mother's Day with her so this weekend will be special. I'm just hoping I make it through the 10K (my first). I do think its comical that we are surprised when the races don't sell out that quickly. I don't think runDisney has anything to worry about.


Thursday 14th of August 2014

I agree with your hypothesis: RunDisney is not a bit worried about this selling out.

I seriously wanted to do this race, but the hubs is convinced flying from NY to LA with a 2 year old is nuts. I was willing to give it a go and then celebrate her birthday while we were in DL. I figure all the half marathon hoopla was proof I was nuts, too.

Lauren @ Lauren's Glass Slipper

Thursday 14th of August 2014

I have to say I am pretty surprised it didn't sell out within hours like a lot of other races lol!


Thursday 14th of August 2014

I know a lot are unhappy about the move, but I for one was elated. I cannot go in January, so this was perfect for me. It also seems I'm the exact opposite of most, that they do not want to be away from their children for Mother's Day. I see it as a present to be able to do what I want, when I want, and not waiting hand and foot on everyone else, the way I seem to spend every other Mother's Day. AND I get to participate in my first challenge event. I'm one happy and excited camper as it seems I will finally get to enjoy a Mother's Day to myself. :-)


Thursday 14th of August 2014

I'm sure it will sell out. As you know, we are doing it Tink this year ONLY because of the time of year, so that was a selling point for us and the previous January date was why we never did it before. I can't believe the pasta party sold out. I was debating on buying tickets for us just to see what aa pasta party on the west cost would be like, but to be honest, I know what a late night that becomes and also there are so many restaurants we will want to try in such a short period of time. So I just left the party go. And then I saw how much MORE the ticket price was! Wow! I also find it funny that children that are not born yet have been registered for the diaper dash. I have heard that on a few FB boards too. How funny!