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What is Going on With runDisney Light Side?

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What IS Going on With runDisney Light Side?

If I wasn’t running… I’d probably not be a blogger obsessed with Disney.

And my family might not hate that idea.

I kid. They are super supportive. Mostly, anyway.

But this is pretty much the true story here:



So what would I be doing?

I have no idea. The running/blogging/Disney thing are so interconnected for me that I can’t imagine what I did for all this.

Huh. There’s something to think about.

Anywho, speaking of Disney and running…

It’s time to turn in your proof of time for the runDisney Light Side!



No, wait, I apologize…

I know I mentioned this before and said I wasn’t going to entertain a ton of rumors.

But, y’all, today is the day our proof of time should be due for the runDisney Light Side weekend and guess what?

Status has not changed. We still don’t have an answer to this weird situation.



runDisney is basically over there posing like Han Solo and hoping we are all ok with it.

Is the race happening?

The consensus among those of us who like to speculate is that no, no it is not.

Or at least not in the usual 3 races per weekend format.

There was a rumor that the half marathons might no longer be run in Disneyland, but of course, no one has any proof.

Other than what the Disney bus driver/security guard/gift shop cashier told them.



I’m assuming $omething is keeping runDisney from business as usual in Anaheim and that we may not see any races in 2018.

Which sucks on multiple levels for those of us who adore running there.

Especially for those of us who needed an excuse to go to Disneyland again (#ItsWorkISwear may need to be retired).

First World Problems, I know, but goodness this has played out weird, hasn’t it?

Until runDisney makes an official announcement, we can’t close the book on this chapter.

But I just have to wonder, what are they waiting on?



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Becky @ Disney in your Day

Thursday 12th of October 2017

This is such a crazy situation. I wish they would say something about what is going on.


Wednesday 11th of October 2017

I'm so skeptical about the rumors blaming it on the city of Anaheim. City council meetings are public. If something was going on on that end, the info would be out there. Further, if Disney had anyone to blame other than themselves, you can be sure that mouse finger would be pointing. For whatever reason, the delay seems to be on runDisney. The silence certainly isn't up to their standard of customer service, though.

Deborah @ Confessions of mother runner

Wednesday 11th of October 2017

I have never done a Disney race! All the logistics seem to much for me


Tuesday 10th of October 2017

It's definitely not good customer service. I wanted to try to do the Light Side once my schedule allows, but that may not be an option.


Tuesday 10th of October 2017

I'm not a Disney runner, but I have seen some of the stories going around. Maybe they're trying to figure out how to make it happen and holding off any bad news. Crossing fingers for all of you!