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Pacing Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

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Don’t worry: it’s not me. But there is a new pacing team at runDisney that I know many are curious about! Let’s give a warm welcome to the Galloway Pacers at Walt Disney World Marathon.

Marathon FAQ: Pacing Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

Melanie Redding and Jeff Galloway. Photo: Melanie Redding

Pacing Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

In the past, runDisney has worked with the Clif pacing teams to provide runners with experienced pacers. I’ve seen a 3-hour pacer for the Clif team, but I’m not sure if they had anyone running the 3:15 or 3:30 paces in the past. Hopefully, someone can chime in with their experiences there!

Jeff Galloway has been part of the runDisney experience for a few years, and I can’t imagine showing up to race without him being there. His smile and gentle encouragement have settled many of us down as we prepared for our first or 20th big race, including my daughter Claire.

I’m thrilled that the popular run/walk/run method will be employed with the new pacing teams. I spoke with one of the pacers who has been tapped through his nationwide running programs for the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend.

Special thanks go to Melanie Redding, who will be pacing the 7-hour marathon runners at Walt Disney World next weekend.

This is new, right? Is Galloway replacing the Clif team?  The 1st race with official Galloway Pacers was Wine and Dine. There were also Galloway Pacers for the Avengers Half. We replaced Clif Pacers for those races, which we were told were a trial basis to get runner feedback.

Is this going to be offered at all races? I’d love to have Galloway Pacers at Princess! It wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that we found out we were being asked back for Marathon Weekend. Beyond that, I haven’t heard of anything that has been confirmed 100%.

So are you the new marathon Balloon Lady? From what I understand, the balloon ladies will still be out there (they are supposedly “unofficial” pacers anyways) I would imagine, as always, they will be the last ones to cross the start line. The official 7-hour Galloway Pacers will start at the front of one of the last couple corrals.

I checked in with Molly, one of the famous runDisney Balloon Ladies, and she confirmed that they would still be out on the course in their unofficial/official capacity. If you need more information on them, please be sure to check this post out.

No, those balloons aren't costumes. They are part of the runDisney Balloon Lady equipment and signal that it;s time for runners to move. That means you, Princess! Check out some tips straight from the Balloon Ladies of Walt Disney World. Wine and Dine | Star Wars | Marathon | Goofy | Dopey

Do you know what paces and intervals are being offered just yet? As far as the exact paces being offered and the intervals, I could only give you a draft. I only know what they were looking for, and since it was last minute, I am not sure if any adjustments were made. I know they were having a difficult time finding pacers for some of the faster marathon times.

I know my friend, Mel, will be pacing the 3:30 folks for the half marathon on Saturday. I checked in with him as well and he will be running 15/30 intervals for that race and starting in the front of one of the back corrals.

Mel at the 2013 Princess Half. Photo: Paul Riccardi

Where can runners get more information about the Galloway pacing team? We will have a pacer information booth at the expo. We are right next to Jeff’s booth. We will have all the pacing info there, including paces offered, what intervals they will be running, and the names of the Pacers. They should be able to answer any pacing questions runners may have.

Thanks once again, Melanie!

Who’s running what races this weekend? Are you ready?!

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