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Five Favorite Race Foods

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Runners and food go hand in hand, amirite?

Talking race foods that make you want to run the same race year after year. Here are a few that we love (Disney edition, natch!)

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Five Favorite Race Foods


While sitting on a bench at Disneyland last year I decided that part of why I runDisney is because of the park food I get to eat- guilt free- afterward.

I’m talking about those ordinary items that somehow taste a zillion times better before, during, or after a race.

In no particular order:




Post- Race Pickles

I call these Samoan pickles.

I am not a huge pickle eater and take them off my burgers and sandwiches, but man, after 13.1 sweaty miles I’m ALL over these puppies.

The colder, the better!


DL popcorn



Disneyland Popcorn is the absolute best, and I can throw down an entire bucket in no time after a race.

Best shared with friends and a view!





Any time, any place during a race weekend I can love on a Coke.

I don’t even drink them on a daily basis anymore, but if you are on the course cheering and have one of those mini-Coke cans? You are my new BFF.

I’m pretty sure I had 3 of those tiny cans during the marathon without a single regret!





If you are sensing a theme, you are not wrong.  Salt or Sugar are my faves when it comes to running with food, and I alternate between the two out on the course.

These gummy bears?  AWESOME at mile 10 this past weekend.


Margarita marathon


Mile 26 Margarita

Okay, so there was an order.  This is hands down the single most delicious thing I’ve ever had on a race course.

The mile 26 margarita, frozen with salt, rocked my marathon world two weeks ago.

It was divine, and I finished every single drop of that sucker with a smile on my face.  It would be cool if someone brought their margarita machine out to mile 12 of any half marathon I happen to be running in. You’d get some serious cheer crew cred for that.  Just sayin’!


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What’s the best (or worst!) thing you’ve eaten or drank on a race course? 

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Kim G

Wednesday 24th of October 2018

I've enjoyed candy on the course, specifically Twizzlers and Swedish gold fish, and both were amazing!

Lisa @ Mile by Mile

Wednesday 24th of October 2018

I tend to stick with the basics while running! I remember one time someone was handing out gummy worms and I had such a hard time chewing them while running. The idea of a margarita on a race course sounds like fun but not sure I could handle it!

Becca Menke

Tuesday 23rd of October 2018

I love pickle juice! Ultra races have the best food - sandwiches and candy and even pizzas!

Laura Bowers

Sunday 24th of January 2016

Wow, a margarita at Mile 26? That's impressive. I did half a Jell-O shot at near Mile 24 and that was a mistake. Big, big mistake. Thank goodness my running partner loved me enough to share her camelback water! ;)


Tuesday 19th of January 2016

Mmmmmm, margaritas. They're one of my favorites. But if I drank one after a half, I think I'd be totally white girl wasted. Am I the only one with NO alcohol tolerance after running?


Saturday 23rd of January 2016

I was feeling the runners high by the time I got off the race bus- that's for sure! Ha ha ha!