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runDisney Summer Virtual Series 2020

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Love the runDisney virtual races? We sure do! And this year you can have a say in the summer series theme. Here’s what you can do to help pick the theme of the next runDisney virtual race. 

captain marvel medal

Ok, this is actually pretty cool.  

runDisney posted on their social media channels during D23 weekend that they are looking for help from US to decide the theme for next year’s Summer runDisney Virtual Series! 

You have to head over to their Twitter account to vote.

… I don’t Twitter.  So, vote for me?!

This is the first time I’ve seen runDisney do something like this, and I am here for it! 

Seeing as the runDisney community is quite opinionated and so this is the perfect opportunity to get your opinion heard!

runDisney Virtual Race Theme: Celebrating Summer Fun

I like this theme.

I can see lots of cool medal options – especially featuring our favorite summer-loving snowman!  It is also fitting as we will be running these virtual races in the summer. 

I would be curious to know what other “summer” theme ideas Disney has up their sleeve with this one…

runDisney Virtual Race Theme: Celebrating Disney Parks Attractions

This one is my cup of tea. Heh… see what I did there? I really love this theme idea, however, I think it would be last on my list of options.  Four out of the Five runDisney race weekends are actually at Walt Disney World where we all celebrate and run by these attractions.  

Well, now, wait.  Maybe this is my #1 choice – as a lot of runners who aren’t able to make it out to the races in Orlando will now have a way to celebrate the iconic attractions at home!

Okay.  I like it.  Vote for this one.

runDisney Virtual Race Theme: Celebrating Disney Music

There’s SO MUCH that can be done with this one, too.  Can you even imagine how much fun building playlists for your virtual 5K would be?  The medals would be incredible… I have no doubt there! 

Plus, if they had a “when you wish upon a star” medal there is a good chance I would just die right there on the spot.

… I 100% can’t decide which one is my favorite.  What did you vote for?

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