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runDisney Changes Bib Pickup Policy

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According to the official website YOU must pick up your bibs for all races starting with the Disneyland Half Weekend.  You will no longer be allowed to sign waivers and allow a friend or family member to pick up your race items.

I personally don’t have a problem with the rule. I’m sure it’s an attempt to stop bib sales.  However , I do think runDisney should reconsider the timing of the new rule.  This could cause potential problems for people already registered who made hotel and travel plans based on the previous process.  

Example: friends who are teachers have expressed problems taking extra days off from school to pick up their bibs in time.  For future races they would know the rules, but for races already paid for, this is a huge issue.  

ETA:  3/13/2014  Calls to runDisney have confirmed that same day pick up will be available starting 2 hours before the race starts.  They also stated that minors running a half marathon will need to pick up their own bibs, but other children will not need to be present.  I’m happy with both these updates. 

What do you think about the change?  Will this cause problems for your runDisney vacation plans?  

Sharing is caring!

April Shuping

Friday 14th of March 2014

Not really a problem for me, just a bit of a hassle for my husband who would prefer to stay far far away from any Expo, so he'll have to come with me to pickup his EE bib. I hope they (and suspect they will) do race day pickup for people with travel issues though. Or keep the packet pickup open 24 hours before the race (it's usually separate from the Expo anyways), they could just skeleton staff it during the night/early am hours. Any change seems to be drama-prone with runDisney, that is the one certainty! :)


Thursday 13th of March 2014

Why change the policy for races that are already sold? Like you, I have friends who are teachers and in Texas, some districts say teachers cannot take days off before that weekend since the school year just started. Either have race day pickup, or offer an option in which bibs can be mailed to participants a couple weeks in advance.


Thursday 13th of March 2014

This doesn't affect me really so I have no opinion about it. However, I do wonder what they'll do if flights are delayed/cancelled due to weather issues and runners may have no way to get there during expo hours. I mean, shouldn't they be allowed to have someone pick up their bib for them if they don't make it until the night before a race? I've read about this happening before so it is definitely a realistic concern.


Thursday 13th of March 2014

I usually work my plans around the expo and getting there on time but I know that it isn't always possible for those who work or aren't getting to the area until later on. I agree with you; changing the policy is fine but changing it for an event in which people are already registered seems like a poor decision on their part.


Thursday 13th of March 2014

Last year Sarah Beth missed her connection the Friday morning before the DW Half...and we thankfully had all traded the necessary info to pick up each others bibs so I was able to pick up hers... but what would happen now? It's really too bad that the people who don't follow the rules ruin it for those of us who do, and have legitimate need.

Patty Holliday

Thursday 13th of March 2014

I hear there has always been a never mentioned but possible (ha- not confusing at all!) option to pick your bib up on race day. So she could have gotten it before the corral walk. BUT... I think it ran smoother with the waivers and allowing someone else to pick up in a case like this. I really hope they reconsider for the people who already have registered and possibly made travel plans based on the earlier process.

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