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Dumbo Double Dare- Disneyland Half Weekend in Pictures

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I can’t put two words together, much less a full blog this morning.  *yawn*  So I thought I’d share what makes a trip runcation to Disneyland awesome:  the people!

I apologize in advance for all the pictures of ME- I’m really not all about me being in every picture!  But I wanted to take pictures of my friends, and we usually decided to do it together.  So you get all of them and their awesomeness… with a side helping of me.

Kris and Mindy Race Every Step
Coach Crystal
My version of the runDisney meet up.
Peggy Sue and Jane, Fit + Fearless
Jenny at wan life to live
Just me and- oh, you know, Sean Astin and Joey Fatone. NBD.
DisBroads in the HOUSE! Kristin at The Smith Summary
Erin For the Love of Disney Running
Run Kat Chasing the Dream
Pam and Christine, We Run Disney and my Sparkle Sister Penny
Pacebookers at Little Mermaid
The Princess Posse found me right before the 10K
Crazy ladies- Becky and Linda Run Disney So I Can Eat Disney
Jimmy Sultan Pprshkr Running.  The west coast expert on Disney!

I loved literally running into people all weekend long- on the course, on rides, in restaurants, in the hotel… I felt like I had friends everywhere!  This is why I love running Disney so much- the people.  They rock, y’all!

Will you be at Wine and Dine Half?  I’ll be looking for YOU too!

Sharing is caring!


Wednesday 18th of September 2013

Great pictures! Dumbo weekend was like a huge runner reunion! I loved it. :)


Wednesday 18th of September 2013

Wine and Dine will be a BLAST!!!!

Kristen :)

Tuesday 17th of September 2013

You are so famous it's unreal. At least I got into a pic with you!!!!! Can't wait for Wine and Dine!!!


Tuesday 17th of September 2013

Awesome pictures! so, so fun! I can't wait for Wine & Dine

Amy Albers

Tuesday 17th of September 2013

You. Know. Everyone. Fun pictures!


Tuesday 17th of September 2013

HA!!! It was so cool running into people all over the place! Like a family reunion!

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