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Best Race EVER! | Tuesdays on the Run

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 We are talking about the best race we’ve ever run for the Tuesdays on the Run topic.
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Best Race EVER!

I thought a lot about this today.  It was hard to come up with my Best Race EVER!  Because I don’t have a lot of “good” races.

There’s a number of factors playing into this issue: some nerves, some self doubt, some poor training, and of course, always starting in the back.  Those lead to a little extra stress that often means I over think and can’t just run my race for fun.

I think way too much.  Holy mental crap on a cracker.

But it wasn’t always like this.

The first Tinker Bell Half Marathon I ran was a beautiful race for me.

Tinker On

This was way back in 2013 when runDisney wasn’t really all that big a deal.  In fact, I was in B corral that year with a 1:19 10K.

#TrueStory y’all.

Here’s the race re-cap from Tink 2013.

Read it.  If you can.  Ahem.

It’s a bit long and wordy (and I wish I could go back and edit but I sorta feel like I need to let the old me stand, you know?).

Beyond it just being a good race for me, it changed how I saw running.  It became social.

This was the first race I ran with strangers I met on the internet:  fast forward two years and I’ll move into the same neighborhood 2 states away as this one!


Tinker Bell gave me a community.

I officially felt connected to other runners and wanted to be part of their world.  Even if it meant running 13.1 miles multiple times a year.

It was the first race I channeled my old stage performance days and picked out a costume.

tink 2013

I loved running as a Fireside Girl at Disneyland.  I certainly stood out: there was a lot of green fairies that year!

In short:  the Tinker Bell race of 2013 can be blamed for it all.

It’s why I run.

The weather was great, the running was fun, I felt strong the entire race, and I finished about where I expected.

And I got one of the best medals runDisney has made to date:

tink 2013 medal

What’s your best race EVER?  I’d love to hear your story!

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Sharing is caring!

David Williams

Wednesday 3rd of June 2015

That Tinkerbell medal makes me want to participate in the next runDisney race. When is the next one going to be? So I'll have to put off playing golf for a while and prepare for it instead.

HoHo Runs

Tuesday 5th of May 2015

There are so many it's hard to pick one. But, I guess I'll go with 2011 WDW half (not princess). It was my first and started my crazy addictive journey. I do love that Tinkerbell medal!

Amy @ Run with Perseverance

Tuesday 5th of May 2015

My first rD race was 2013 Princess, and I was able to sign up for it about 2 months after registration opened...unheard of today!

I think the best race ever is more than just your performance. I'm slow, but there are some races that I consider my best even if they weren't my best time.

Jessica S

Tuesday 5th of May 2015

I love that old post. I remember reading when I was first looking into Disney races and trying to get as much information as humanly possible. It was so valuable! I have heard such consistently great things about Tink - it definitely has to go on the to-do list!


Tuesday 5th of May 2015

It's amazing how fast the Disney races grew! On 2012, Christine signed up for Princess two weeks prior to the race. We are excited to be at DL for Tink this year. Sorry you won';t be there.