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Best. Day. EVER! Part II

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We arrived at the meet up early- 6am.  Under the Mickey Sorcerer hat at the Disneyland hotel. 

Bob Hitchcock talks to the meet up participants

Once we got the game plan down, we headed out on the run.  First through Downtown Disney and then into Disneyland itself.   I stopped a few times trying to take pictures and found myself at the back of the pack!  Ooops!  A little caught up in the excitement of being “alone” in Walt’s park – I was being left behind! It was also a rough morning for me- I am not sure why, but I struggled on this run.  Doing a 12 min mile (and we were actually more like 12:30) is something I am more than capable of doing for short runs, but I really felt like I was swimming through pudding all morning.  I didn’t let it affect my spirits though- this was Disneyland after all!  Bad runs happen- I just hoped this meant my GOOD run would be the half in 2 days.

Storming the Castle!

I don’t think I will ever tire of running through the parks.  A completely different experience than one can get lacing up and heading out through your neighborhood, that’s for sure!  We ran back to Fantasyland, then back over to Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion, circled back and headed over to our first special treat.  We stopped near the Matterhorn and waited for a bit.  It was at this time that I got to go all fangirl.

Ali Vincent is pure AWESOME
I think Ali was as excited as we were to be in Disneyland!  She is an amazing athlete and motivational speaker and all around sweet woman.  runDisney made my day when they gave us the chance to speak with her one on one.  Her show, Live Big with Ali Vincent is airing on the Live Well Network- check it out!

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Sean Astin- RUDY- and me.  Hanging out with celebs.  It’s what I DO
Sean Astin ran the Tinker Bell last year, and was a last minute addition to the Tink weekend this year.  Very excited to meet one of my childhood idols.  I mean, who didn’t LOVE Mikey Walsh?  Star of Goonies, Rudy (my FAVORITE!) and the Lord of the Rings movies, Sean comes across as a totally regular guy with 3 kids and a running habit.  He’s surrounded by women at home, so it was a natural choice for him to run a woman’s centered event like Tink.  We talked about his spanking new Mickey New Balance shoes (adorable) and I admitted that he makes me cry every time I watch the last 4 minutes of Rudy.  So, yeah… I gushed a little.  He took it in stride and didn’t run away from me, so I think I might not be the craziest Sean Astin fan he’s ever met.  I think.

Finally it was our turn to meet another special guest.  This made me so happy because I heard that she was not even on the race course last year and it would be so disappointing to miss out on a picture with our favorite sassy fairy, Tinker Bell!
Sean Astin, Allison, Tink, me, Summer and Krissy (outrunning the monorail) plus the New Balance exec, Josh!

We were only getting started!  After this stop we headed out through the front gates and across the way to Disney’s California Adventure.  We ran around Paradise Pier and back to the Carthay Circle.  The sun was coming up and wow- the park just sparkles!  Or maybe it was all our pretty skirts from Team Sparkle and Sparkle Skirts.  They seemed to be the outfit of choice.  More special guests were here to meet us!
Jeff Galloway- nicest man in running- with PbRC running group


I wasn’t sure the morning could get any better.  I already got to do a 2+ mile run through some of the most incredible real estate in all of California, met some awesome celebrities, talked to my running guru Jeff about interval options, and best of all, did this with 2 of my favorite old girlfriends as well as some new ones I had met online!  Happiest place on earth?  YES, yes it is!

But there was more to come… 

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Calling Shenanigans

Monday 4th of March 2013

Seriously Kim- it was just WAY cool! Sorry we didn't meet up- but I'm sure we will find away at another runDisney event!

Kim Smelser

Monday 4th of March 2013

Love your recap of "my best morning E-V-E-R!" This was my first runDisney experience and it just felt like a "rock star" dream the entire time! Thanks for "running" me back through it all! Wish I could have met you that morning. On Goofy's left I am in the back... 3rd one in. Thanks Patty!

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