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2015 Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend Corrals, Waivers & Course Maps

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Waivers and Bib Numbers




Half Marathon

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star wars 10K course



5K Star Wars Course


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Saturday 13th of December 2014

For those of us new to Disney racing, can you give some play by play on the in-park route? It's hard to tell which parts are in the parks vs backstage areas. What attractions will we pass? Would also be good to know where to expect bottle necks.


Friday 12th of December 2014

10K course looks awesome! I cant tell too much about the Half course. But I'm happy theres lots of park time it looks like!


Friday 12th of December 2014

This might help with the half course information. My friend Jimmy shared it:

SW Half Overview: Miles 1-4.5 are nothing new, so i'll skip over that. >> 4.5-5.5: we've done and seen at Avengers. That was alright, not too crazy, and pretty flat. >> 5-6: we go beyond where Avengers turned left on Chapman, where we continue on Harbor, past the Target (did you need to stop for anything? lol.) and a few more hotels before we officially leave the Anaheim Resort area. On the right will be a massive construction project: Great Wolf Lodge Resort & Indoor Waterpark. They might be ok with the course this year as the park and resort is not open yet, but after they open, they might have some concerns. who knows.. >> 6-7: As we head south, the Days Inn will be on the left, and a medium sized shopping plaza will be on the right, complete with a KFC, El Pollo Loco, Lee's Sandwich, Burger King, and Round Table Pizza. I think Taco Bell is in this plaza too. >> 7-8: Runs flat again, and along an otherwise decent part of Garden Grove. *Warning* There is an Adult Store en route to mile 8. Just sayin. >> 8-9: We head through the Garden Grove High School (Argonauts.. strange mascot but whatever) and through our little historical real-life Main Street, it should be cute and quaint. I'm not sure what's up with that little circle (right turn mania) between Main & Grove Ave though.. Disney must have just needed something to lengthen out the course a bit. Shrugs. >> 9-9.5 is not scenic. In fact, it's quite boring. At the corner of turning back onto Chapman is a starbucks drive thru, for anyone wondering. >> 9.5-11: not exactly boring, but not exactly exciting either. You're going through a mixture of neighborhoods and commerical space. >> 11-13: repeats what we did from 4.5-5.5