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runDisney Deferral Policy Changes? Maybe? Yes… This Again

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According to social media reports over the past couple of weeks, the runDisney deferral policy has changed. I’ve been watching for something more official before sharing here, but it doesn’t look like it’s coming.

The change: there are no more deferrals offered beginning with the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend.  

If this sounds familiar, it’s because it is.

We went through this before right before the Star Wars Dark Side weekend.  As it was back then, the lack of official comment from runDisney on the matter means there are still many questions for their runners.

There have been multiple folks sharing on Facebook that runDisney has told them via email and phone calls that deferrals were no longer offered.

This was shared via the runDisney Reddit page yesterday.


There are two thoughts on this matter. The first is in support of the decision as it simply puts runDisney in line with most other races that do not offer transfers or deferrals. In their view, they are just falling in line with everyone else.

I touched on this some time ago when I shared why deferrals and transfers are not offered in many races.

The other thought is where I personally land on the issue. Point One above is perfectly fine, but why didn’t they announce this change before they kept selling races? Official confirmation of the policy would show that they recognize the financial commitment guests shell out 8-9 months in advance and give full transparency.

Just because they did it before doesn’t mean they have to keep doing it, I totally accept that. But in this day and age of social media and internet communications, there’s no excuse for not publicly commenting on the issue. File this one under “things that make NO sense”.


Without the possibility of deferrals, I expect the race sell outs to slow down even more. People are just going to hold on to that money a bit longer before making the plunge. Overall for the consumer, that’s GOOD news. I’m sure it also helps runDisney with their planning.

Win all around, right?

It’s not the policy that’s bad, it’s the execution of it. If they turn around and open deferrals next week I’ll be happy to share that news and change this post. Or hey- maybe I’m not giving them enough credit and they are planning to announce a legal transfer option! That would be SWELL.

But based on the multiple reports and the short timeframe before the races, I’m inclined to say the policy has changed- and we aren’t getting transfers before the next race.

Buyer beware for future race weekends.

Side note: For the time being, travel agents do still have the ability to help with race transfers. We also have the ability to sell vacation insurance that would cover the costs of the bibs if you had an issue arise. If you have any questions about this, feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected] 

What do you think about the deferral changes? Have you contacted runDisney regarding this matter?

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Thursday 18th of August 2016

If I pay $50 for a Rock and Roll race, as I've done for Phoenix, Chicago and LA this year, and then something comes up where I can't make the trip, I'm out $50. I don't like it, but that's what it is. If I pay $200 for a Disney race and I can't make it, that's a pretty big chunk of change down the drain. The ability to defer has always been one of the defenses people have come up with as to why they'll pay that much for the race. runDisney can't seem to decide if they want their races to be seen as above the competition or just like everyone else's. If they want to be special, they need to start putting some effort into it, not taking away the few benefits their races have over others.

Juliana @ 4 Well Rules

Friday 12th of August 2016

i completey agree with you-i think it is in line with other races not to offer deferrals but I do think they have to make it clear from the beginning. One thing they should do is have the signups be shorter-8 months out is crazy. I think 5-6 months is honestly plenty of time prior and more in line with other races


Monday 15th of August 2016

I'm curious to see if they will change this. It's a bit nuts to think 8+ out months in advance!


Thursday 11th of August 2016

Yep it is true and I got burned. For Dopey.

I have an autoimmune disease that has the ability to bench me from running if it relapses. I loved that run Disney had a deferral option because this is my reality.

Because this is my reality, if I had known about the change I would have bought insurance from Goodbye $500.


Thursday 11th of August 2016

It seems to me that whatever the policy was when a bib was purchased has to be honored. If not, there could be legal problems for Disney. I do understand how it would be difficult for Disney to plan an even and also have a loose transfer policy. So going forward it makes sense but they need to honor the policy as was stated for those who bought a bib with the old policy. That's how class action lawsuits start.