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Registering For runDisney Events: What You Need To Know

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If you’ve registered for a runDisney event this past year, you probably recognize this scene:

Well, today is the day for EARLY registration.  Let’s clarify a few misconceptions about what this means.

Annual Passholders and Disney Vacation Club holders will have a private link to register through their prospective sites.  This is intended for the Passholder or DVC owners only and should NOT be shared with non-Annual Passholders or DVC owners.  However, the jury is out on the “legality” of registering a friend or family member through these links.  People do it… but are they supposed to?  What say you readers?


But… it sold out!  In about 30 minutes to an hour, reports will come flooding through cyberspace announcing that Goofy (my guess he goes first this year) and then Dopey are sold out.

The correct answer is that the EARLY REGISTRATION slots have sold out; there will still be around 70% of all race slots available next week when general registration opens.  runDisney offers a rumored 30% of the available bibs for each race to travel agents, charities, running groups, and the AP and DVC early registration folks. You will STILL be able to register next week- even if you are an AP or DVC and miss out today.  Don’t sweat it folks; just be ready to go on the 22nd.  Links will go live sometime just a smidge before noon EST (at least that’s how it generally works.)  Have your Visa ready to go and don’t be afraid to use it!

Proof of Time:  be sure to have the information you need handy when you register.  runDisney asks for proof of time for corraling the races properly.  Here’s a handy explanation from Krissy at Outrunning the Monorail.

I hope some of this helps— by the way, it’s about that time AP and DVC folks.

Go, Go, Go, Go…!!!

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