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More runDisney Running Shorts Virtual Races in 2017

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running shorts

A little breaking news for you this Thursday.

It looks like the 2016 Running Shorts Virtual program was a success and runDisney is bringing it back in 2017!

More medals and more fun for folks who love a virtual option.

I noticed this update on the runDisney website:


And did you catch that part at the end? I think we are going to see Pluto star in the next series- which I kinda dig since so many runners love their furry training partners!

I’m on the fence about participating again. I did get the medals this series and my daughter is earning them as part of her Super Heroes 5K and 10K training. And the medals are working as far as her motivation!

I think the virtuals can be helpful to motivate some runners to keep up with their training plans. It can also serve as a gateway into the runDisney community; a little cheaper option for those who can’t travel. Just a little… ha ha ha.

Did you participate in the 2016 series? How do you feel about the virtuals?

Sharing is caring!